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A research paper is a presentation of someone’s research that describes all the work, analysis, and findings they gathered during the research period. Although writing a research paper is a difficult task, writing the perfect conclusion is often more difficult for many researchers. The conclusion should be clear and should summarize the research in a more structured way. Therefore, if you are also struggling to write a conclusion for your research paper, this guide is for you. Here we discuss in detail how to write a conclusion for a research paper, especially the innovative AI-based approach offered by AI to write a conclusion autonomously and instantly.

Good Ways To Start A Conclusion Paragraph

Good Ways To Start A Conclusion Paragraph

A conclusion is the last part of a research paper that summarizes the research and leaves a powerful final impression on the readers. The main purposes of a conclusion in a research paper are:

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In most research papers, a conclusion is usually one paragraph long. However, some complicated or empirical research papers may include several paragraphs. In general, the content of the conclusion should present the contribution of the research in a concise and effective manner, leaving the reader with insight and satisfaction.

Technological advances have changed almost every aspect of academic studies, including the process of writing conclusions for a research paper. With the power of artificial intelligence (AI), you can now write a conclusion autonomously and efficiently based on the recommendations provided. This is what AI aims to provide.

AI is the most powerful artificial intelligence assistant that provides a chat-based approach to draw conclusions for research work. It supports dozens of languages ​​and can intelligently write a conclusion even from a 100-page research paper.

AI provides two ways to write the conclusion i.e. PDF Ask and Chat. Ask PDF mode analyzes research documents and provides an accurate conclusion in seconds. On the contrary, the chat mode allows a human-like conversation with the AI ​​assistant to write the perfect conclusion based on the given questions.

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Follow these steps to learn how to write a research paper conclusion with AI:

Step 1. Download and run AI on your Windows or Mac system. If your research paper is in PDF format, click “Open File” to browse and open the file. Or, if it’s in Word format, click File > Create > PDF from Word (.docx).

Step 2. After opening the file, click the AI ​​icon in the lower right corner to start the AI ​​assistant.

Good Ways To Start A Conclusion Paragraph

Step 3. Click the “Query PDF” tab and then click “Start” to make the AI ​​assistant analyze and process the document. Once you’re done, it will summarize the entire document. Then type “Provide a conclusion for this research paper” in the chat box and press “Enter”. This will immediately give the conclusion of the research paper.

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Step 4. To use its chat mode, click on the “Chat” tab and then use its chat box to have a conversation like a human and draw a conclusion accordingly. For example, you might ask: “Give me a basic outline of the conclusion section of the research paper.”

Step 5. When you get the desired result from AI, the last thing to do is to add the final human touch to further improve its quality.

Thus, you can easily learn how to write a good conclusion in a research paper with the intuitive approach of AI. You can also use the AI ​​assistant to summarize, explain, translate, rewrite, check grammar, and other similar purposes. In short, AI is a one-to-one AI tool to write the perfect conclusion for a research paper and make other customizations in seconds.

The AI-based approach above is an ideal way to approach how to write a conclusion in a research paper, but you should also be aware of the common manual way of writing a conclusion. This way, you can use the power of AI and your human skills to produce a quality conclusion.

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When writing a conclusion, always start by creating an outline based on your research paper. The plan may change depending on the research topic, such as empirical research, argumentative research, etc. However, the general scheme followed in most of the conclusions is as follows:

The above outline is one answer for all researchers who want to know how to write a good conclusion in a research paper. Most research papers follow the same outline structure, whether the conclusion is one paragraph or several paragraphs.

To write the conclusion by hand in a research paper, you need to follow the outline plan discussed above step by step to create the perfect conclusion. But first of all you need to decide on the length of the conclusion, i.e. whether the conclusion will be one paragraph or spread over several paragraphs. The duration of the effect depends mainly on the type of study. So, cut to the chase and follow the steps below to learn how to write a conclusion for a research paper by hand:

Good Ways To Start A Conclusion Paragraph

The first thing you need to work on in conclusion is the research problem. In conclusion, there are two reasons to repeat the research problem. First, it helps the reader review what the main goals of the study are. Second, it makes it easier for fast readers who want to know the final results of the study instead of reading the entire study.

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When redoing the research problem, try using different phrases that you used earlier in the research. Also, keep this section concise and to the point.

After stating your research problem, restate your thesis statement. Thus, the readers are aware of the research problem and the expected results of the research. Again, try using a different word than what you wrote in the rest of the study.

Now you should write briefly about the main findings of the study. You should avoid including all the research findings in the conclusion. Record the most important findings and then present them effectively. The main concern should be that the findings answer the research problem.

After mentioning the research findings, the last thing to analyze the findings is to highlight the wider implications of the research. Cite the main findings of the study and/or make suggestions for future research. This part should be short and to the point.

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The last sentence or two of the conclusion should end the study with a strong call to action. This can be a practical recommendation, advocating policy changes, encouraging social awareness or anything else. In general, the motive should have a significant effect on the readers.

Despite learning how to write a good conclusion in a research paper, many researchers accidentally make mistakes that affect the overall quality of the conclusion. So, take a quick look at the tips below to boost your ability to write a well-crafted conclusion:

Using “in conclusion”, “in summary”, “in summary”, “in summary” and other similar phrases in writing a conclusion for a research paper is an ineffective phrase. These sentences can be effective in oral presentations but they do not make sense in research papers, the readers already know what passage they are reading.

Good Ways To Start A Conclusion Paragraph

The conclusion should be free of new information not previously mentioned in the body of the study. The purpose of the conclusion is to convey the value of the research, not to confuse readers with new information. Therefore, make sure that this conclusion speaks about the research accurately and effectively.

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Regardless of whether readers read the entire body of research, they will definitely read the conclusion. Therefore, the wording of the conclusion should be clear, easy to read and concise. Don’t waste readers’ time with long descriptions. Speak to the matter and reflect on the value of your research.

On the one hand, the conclusion should not include new information, but on the other hand, it should avoid repeating the same content or word. Try to present the key points of the study in a new and concise text. This approach will lead to greater engagement and leave a lasting impression.

If you have doubts about the quality or writing of your conclusions, challenge them. Ask your friend to read the conclusion. After each statement your friend reads, ask “so what.” This approach will help you evaluate your conclusion, find gaps and turn it into a masterpiece.

Sometimes, the results of the research may not meet all the desired expectations, causing the researchers to apologize in the conclusion section. However, you should avoid apologizing and not belittle your efforts. Instead, you should focus on presenting your findings with confidence and noting mistakes as areas of improvement for future research.

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The conclusion is essential to any research work as it provides a clear and solid picture of the entire study. By following the steps above to write a conclusion for a manuscript research paper, you can create a well-structured conclusion for your research paper. However, this is an era of artificial intelligence advancements, so you’ll also need to embrace technological advancements when writing your research. So the best approach is to use AI

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