Freelance Creative Writing Jobs For Beginners

Freelance Creative Writing Jobs For Beginners – There’s no need to hurt your head and create instant writing samples to prove you can write. A good essay sample not only proves that you are a good writer; It will convince them to hire you too.

A freelance writing sample is a document that proves to clients that you can write. Writing samples can take a variety of formats, typically blog posts, emails, white papers, short stories, landing pages, etc., depending on the type of professional writing service.

Freelance Creative Writing Jobs For Beginners

Freelance Creative Writing Jobs For Beginners

If you are new to freelance writing, writing samples are important. Before your audience asks you to start writing, they want to make sure you’re worth hiring (and marketing dollars for).

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The most important reason is that your audience wants to prove that you know how to write. Customers will only invest in writers they know will do their job well. Gain confidence by reading sample essays in advance.

(If you’re looking for writing work on a freelance job board, most viewers will ask to see a sample before hiring you for this reason.)

Not only that, writing samples give people a good idea of ​​your writing style. They look at how you specify content formats, use statistics, and whether your tone of voice matches your company’s tone.

The best work library with links and works of content created for real companies and websites.

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The good news is that you don’t have to be a freelance writer with an existing content library to highlight in your portfolio to create writing samples in the form of content for virtual clients.

Let’s put this into practice. Let’s say you’re a new freelance writer who wants to create blog articles for a software company. You can create a virtual client to sell sales software and write sample blog posts that will grab the attention of your target customers. You might find something like “How to manage your sales pipeline” helpful.

The key to a good writing sample is to create a sample that resembles your target client. Think about what you want from your website and write it in a sample format.

Freelance Creative Writing Jobs For Beginners

Remember: Freelance writing samples show prospective clients that you are a good hire. This should match the type of content you provide. This has a significant impact on the write sample length.

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For example, let’s say you’re a copywriter who specializes in email. Most essay samples fall between the 250-500 word display. However, a professional landing page copywriter can maintain a writing sample of about 1,000 words on average.

The bottom line is, don’t get caught up in the word count of a freelance writing sample.

Think about the type of content your ideal customer would like to read and relate that to your samples. This proves you know how to create the content they’re looking for.

Not only does it confirm to potential clients that you’re a great writer, but it’s a great way to start your freelance writing career and find your first few clients.

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Blogging is a freelance writing niche market that is expected to explode this year. Now let’s see how to create a sample blog post that will attract your customers.

A writing outline details what your final blog post will look like. Clients typically provide it to freelance writers before each project begins. This includes:

(If it is based on a writing sample from a previous client project, you should allow it to be included in your portfolio.)

Freelance Creative Writing Jobs For Beginners

However, even if you create a writing sample for a virtual customer, you can always easily create your own content and create a sample based on it.

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This is an easy way to prove that you know how to follow instructions, create blog posts based on keywords, target specific audiences, and discuss specific product features.

The purpose of a headline is to persuade readers to click and read your blog post. Unless your headline is compelling enough to make you want to click on it, no one will see it.

It should be directly related to the blog post itself (no click lures) and should make smart use of words that stand out in Google search results.

For example, “How to write a blog post” can be replaced with “10+ actionable steps to create a blog post that your readers will love.” Is it much better?

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But don’t just stop at one heading. Brainstorm 5-10 headings and list them at the top of your writing sample. This shows your customers that you’re creative enough to think of headlines and aren’t afraid to agonize over finding the most clickable headlines.

If you have a list of suggestions, run through your heading options using a creation tool like CoSchedule’s Heading Analyzer. We provide guidelines on how to make a good headline even more powerful.

(Depending on your headline-writing ability, you might want to do this step last, once you know exactly how it’s going to be treated in your blog post.)

Freelance Creative Writing Jobs For Beginners

If someone wants to read your essay sample, a strong introduction will convince them to continue reading the entire content.

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Prospective clients will be attracted to the first few sentences and stay long enough to convince them to hire you.

More people than ever before are looking at content they find online. They can read the introduction, the first section and then look at the rest until they find something that interests them.

Subtitles make it easier for readers (and viewers reading your writing sample) to browse. They can see at a glance the topics covered in your essay sample.

Titles also help you optimize your content for SEO. Search engines use titles to understand what a page is about without reading the entire content. This will tell you if your content is comprehensive enough to rank for the keywords you’re targeting.

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Most word processing software has title tags built into their tools. Use this in your writing sample to prove to potential clients that you know how to use it.

They will also want to make sure that you are a great researcher who can research the report in detail and bring in relevant statistics, data points, and survey results.

Therefore, find relevant statistics to add to the writing sample. For example, if you’re writing an article about online marketing, find statistics that show how online marketing will explode in 2021.

Freelance Creative Writing Jobs For Beginners

If your writing sample talks about the best publishing platforms your customers should consider, learn how many websites are hosted on each platform.

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Adding these statistics doesn’t make your writing sample any more interesting. This proves that you have concrete evidence to support the points you are making and that you are not afraid to jump into the trenches and research the subject at hand.

💡Top Tip: Create a copywriting swipe file and bookmark interesting data there. Over time, you’ll create a reliable library of personal data points.

But their actions don’t always follow the advice you provided. Companies that publish blog content want their readers to perform a task related to their product and promote it as the ultimate call to action.

Do this for your writing sample, thinking about the hypothetical client you are writing for. What does the audience want to do next?

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If your virtual client has digital marketing calendar software, they may want people to see a product demo. If your virtual customer is receiving medical services, your readers will want to register as a patient.

Good content understands who the company wants to target. Drawing solid conclusions and matching CTAs proves you can do so.

I prefer Google Docs because, unlike Microsoft Word, you can share links to live writing samples. No need to download documents, attach them to emails, and always remember which version has been updated.

Freelance Creative Writing Jobs For Beginners

Google Docs generates live documents for which users generate links. Send that link to your customers so they can access the latest version of your writing sample.

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Once you’ve added your writing sample to Google Docs, you need to make sure the link is working for the people you want to share it with.

Finally, copy the link and share it with anyone requesting a writing sample. You can access non-editable (view-only) documents to see how great a writer you really are.

Now that you’ve created your first writing sample, you can feel pretty good about storing your content in a private Google Doc.

They look at portfolios for this. So whether you have your own freelance writing website on WordPress or use a platform like Authory, make sure your writing samples take pride of place within your freelance writing portfolio.

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They can find you through your social media, your blog, or the author’s name on other websites. No matter how they come, respond to emails and give your audience easy access to your writing samples.

They go a step further than essay samples because they can show you how to write.

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