Free Sample Recommendation Letter From Pastor

Free Sample Recommendation Letter From Pastor – Letters of recommendation from various pastors I have had the opportunity to work with in this ministry.

“Church Planting America gave us a great blessing when Bible Baptist Church was established in Big Timber, MT. When we laid the foundation of the church, knocked on the first door and made the first contacts, it was the impetus to create Worker Along the way we work together there. We met two families, who now attend church regularly when “Operation Go” knocks on the door. One of those families is an elderly man and woman who believed in Christ. Now they are working. It is difficult for their whole family to bring them to church many times. I doubt it. that the Lord was able to use and bless the work of church planting in America. He was very valuable and profitable in the first months when he brought us at the beginning of the first week. And what an encouragement it was to have a colleague working with us!

Free Sample Recommendation Letter From Pastor

Free Sample Recommendation Letter From Pastor

“Brother Hamilton and the American Church Planting Ministry have proven to be a great blessing to my church. His heart for the Lord and his desire to return his soul to Christ is pure. His years of ministry and church planting experience provide much needed godly advice for new preachers and church planters. There are people in our church today because brother Jānis wants to serve the Lord and our church. He preached to our church and is expected to join us again next year for our mission meeting. If the Lord wills, in the future our church will cooperate financially in the church planting ministry in the United States with Brother Hamilton in this necessary work for church planters. For this reason I am very grateful to you and your congregation to my friend and colleague Brother John Hamilton and the Church Planting Ministry in America. “

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“Thank you for coming and helping my church and me. The last few months have been very busy for the ministry here in Athens. When you reviewed your beginnings in church planting, you were able to see my needs better than I could. (Originally 20/20) This puts me years ahead of where you might have started. Pastor Hamilton who taught us how to reach our people for Christ. Although the work was done before your arrival, the efficiency of our work was lost. Since you started helping our attendance has almost doubled, our membership has increased dramatically, and in particular we have seen more people saved in the last three months than in any previous month. Because of what you have taught us, we are so excited to see what God has in store for the future of our church! I know what happened here changed the church and me. Thank you for your patience, kindness and friendship. I hope you will hear good things from the True Baptist Church in the years to come. I know without a doubt that I will come here with great things from your ministry as you continue to help churches reach the world for Christ. As Paul said, “I thank my God that I remember you”. Take care and God bless you Brother Hamilton! “

“Brother John Hamilton and the US Church Planting Ministry have been a great help and blessing to me! I was amazed at how easy it was to communicate with Brother John, help us, and how committed he was to the plan! started our church planting, he took me out , so ate, let me teach in his church, and he called me to encourage me. When we started, he helped me go through the soul winning program and was kind enough to drive several hours to my place in Georgia to win hearts. Once we got all the money, we moved to minnesota where we recently started our church and brother hamilton came here many times to help us. we went around the area with the gospel and saw many people. come to know jesus christ as your lord and savior. since then brother hamilton has often been my called to encourage me and see how things are going.Brother John has been great to us in so many ways and has made starting a new church so easy! You will be greatly blessed if this dear brother helps you in your ministry. ” On many levels, God used you very much with our staff today. You emphasized the role of everyone on staff, you encouraged everyone to be awake to use the Holy Spirit as a witness, you gave practical help to be and do who God created us to be, and you did everything with zeal, enthusiasm (which literally means ‘God in you’), scriptures and a little humor!

The syndication was good and quality and even on the “fast track” we saw a lot this time and we can see how it will rock everyone’s world at COTH.

Thank you so much for sharing with us today and may God bless you on your travels to Idaho and we will be back. I know we will be together again on the 20th, but please know that until then I will thank God every day!

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Although I have been a Christian all my life, it wasn’t until I finished Ken Ramey’s evangelistic class that I had the courage to pray with someone who had accepted Jesus as their savior. Nancy Halford, whom we have known for 92 years, is someone the Lord has placed in her heart. We had visited him sometimes and even prayed together. On a particular Sunday two months ago, I asked him if he knew he was going to heaven. “I believe so,” he replied. So I asked him if he wanted to know for sure. When he answered, “Yes.” Then I asked him to repeat the sinner’s prayer after me. I felt very emotional when we prayed. Immediately after the prayer I was inspired to sing, “A new word is written in Glory.” We gave him a written New Testament and we followed it over and over again.

Over a year ago, my path crossed that of Ken Ramey. Ken and his wife Diane had come to McMinnville Baptist Church and Bethel to be evangelism coaches. I have to admit that I am a skeptic of evangelicals, which is why I was skeptical of Ken. At first I kept my distance and watched this man enter the church door. One summer day I was riding my bike and passed a church. Pastor Jason was walking down the street with Ken. I pulled up next to them and Pastor Jason introduced me to Ken and explained that they were on a “Prayer Tour” of the church property. It was the first time Ken and I had spoken. Later, Ken met me at the church a week before the service. He informed me that my wife and I had been called to become members of the Evangelical Church. I tried to keep my distance with my skepticism and tried to reduce the temptation. In my mind, the last thing I wanted to do was “hook up” with the Evangelist. Ken asked if we could meet sometime and discuss the possibility of joining the team. Finally we met and talked. I tried to explain that I was not interested in evangelism because I was a disciple and my goal was to serve on the men’s executive committee. He tried to explain that he didn’t just want me to join the team, he wanted me to be the point person on his team. I tried to disrespect them. Ken and I had many more conversations as time went on. Needless to say, these conversations allowed me to get to know Ken, the man; not just Ken the evangelist coach. After a while I realized what Ken was trying to do at Bethel Baptist Church.

Ironically, at one point, two high school students came up to me and asked about Bible studies in my class. Over time, this Bible study group became the official fellowship of Christian Huddle players. It added another dimension to our relationship with Ken. We have partnered not only in evangelism training at Bethel, but also in FCA Huddle student leader training at the high school.

Free Sample Recommendation Letter From Pastor

My wife and I attended the senior Sunday school

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