Finish The Sentence Writing Prompts

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Finish It Off is a workbook full of prompts for students to practice making sentences about selected topics.

Finish The Sentence Writing Prompts

Finish The Sentence Writing Prompts

Also includes a link to an online generator complete with 1,000 messages to be viewed in a browser!

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Creative Writing Prompts For Kids

I would like to use this worksheet with my ESL students. I can teach the shapes and review until they know them completely by matching, drawing and writing. This is what I’ve been looking for!! It makes my teaching life easier and fun!! Thank you ! I will be back soon.

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Finish The Sentence Writing Prompts

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Writing Mini Lesson #2 Complete Sentences

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Finish The Sentence Writing Prompts

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May Creative Writing Prompts {fresh Story Starters For Adults}

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Sometimes coming up with short story ideas is overwhelming. Maybe you have an assignment coming up and don’t know where to start, or maybe you want to write a little at the end of a long day, but your creative juices have dried up. You may have a standard case of writer’s block.

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Creative writing prompts with sentence starters or first lines help you overcome these challenges. Without forcing you in a particular direction, they give your story an interesting starting point. They are the kindling you use to start the fire, but taking care of it is up to you. Fifty people could take the same writing prompt and run with it in different directions, and we’d end up with fifty completely different stories.

When reading the list of one-liners below, don’t overthink it. Choose the one that stands out to you the most, the one that immediately creates a dozen questions in your mind.

Immediately wondering about things like who ate the cake? where did they get it? Who was it intended for? what were the four words? how did they become his/her destiny?

Finish The Sentence Writing Prompts

Writers often get stuck in a rut. We find a formula that suits us and repeat it. This can be great for meeting deadlines or selling stories, but it can also be limiting and annoying. The occasional venture outside of our comfort zones stretches us as writers, exposes us to styles and stories we might not normally pursue, and allows us to play with unfamiliar concepts.

Finish It Off. Sentence Writing. Themes. Writing Practice.

If you’ve never explored science fiction or fantasy before, you can choose an opening story that offers an escape from reality. Or maybe you want a modern frame with just a hint of modern realism. Or, conversely, if you’re used to creating complex fictional worlds and magical systems, a realistic setting with a protagonist who’s just received bad news might be out of the box for you.

I admit it: I’m a serial planner. (This is my go-to guide for planning a novel.) The notes I make before I write a book are usually close to the length of the book. I want to know everything before I write a single word. (This level of planning is probably also a form of productive procrastination).

Planning is helpful, but sometimes it can feel like a barrier. Planners may feel they can’t write a story unless they do all the planning, and if they don’t have the time or inspiration to plan, they don’t write. It’s a convenient excuse, but it gets us nowhere.

For extreme planners like me, one-sentence writing prompts give us permission to write without a plan. We’re not trying to figure out the best way to set the scene for the action to come or set the stage for character development. We parachute into the middle of the action and it’s sink or swim.

Summer Writing Prompts: 25 Finish The Sentence Writing Prompts For Grades K 4

The questions we talked about a moment ago? The ones generated from the first sentence? They are in charge here. They provide recordings. Instead of carefully mapping out a series of plot points, we need to find out the answers to these questions and reveal them to the reader in the most compelling way possible.

The questions – and their answers – will take us where they want to go, not the other way around.

I am not saying that this method will make us abandon planning forever – destroy thought! – but it gives us the opportunity to tackle our writing from a different angle, an experience that will only sharpen our writing skills.

Finish The Sentence Writing Prompts

How do you use these one-sentence writing prompts in your writing practice? Leave a comment and let us know.

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