End Of Year Journal Prompts

End Of Year Journal Prompts – 12 tips to help you reflect on the past year and envision the new year more clearly.

Journaling is a great way to prepare for the new year and head into 2022 to end the year.

End Of Year Journal Prompts

End Of Year Journal Prompts

Here are twelve journal messages to help you reflect on the past twelve months and find the deeper lessons and meaning of the past year. A few questions will also help you look ahead to the year ahead and carefully plan how you want to look in the new year.

Birthday Journal Prompts To Reflect On The Year

Even if you only pick five of these journal prompts, I think you’ll get a pretty good idea of ​​where you are in 2022 and where you’re headed in 2023.

Make it special and if possible set the scene. Light some candles, put on some music, find a comfortable chair – anything to help you really focus and be present with questions.

If nothing else, you get some peace and quiet so you can really think about the questions and think deeply about them instead of rushing through them.

Take a minute to journal it, or even think about it for a few moments. I think it’s really important to take the time to appreciate everything you’ve accomplished – everything you’ve survived – everything you have to be proud of.

December 2022 Journal Prompts

I guarantee there is a LOT to be proud of if you take the time to reflect on all that you have done this year.

In other words, what is holding you back or preventing you from living the life you love?

It could be a bad habit, like fatally scrolling through social media every day, literally for hours on end, and avoiding work that moves your life, career, or mission forward.

End Of Year Journal Prompts

Maybe the negative self-talk is what’s stopping you from doing what you want because it seems too scary/impossible/impossible.

January Writing Prompts: Free January Writing Prompt Calendar!

It can be an activity, a habit, a thought, an emotion, a pattern or even a person. If you allow yourself to be really honest for a moment – ​​in your heart – what do you know you need to let go of in 2023?

We all have goals we want to work toward, but if we’re not intentional about how we want to feel while working toward them, what usually happens is that we end up stressed, anxious, and burned out.

So take a moment to think about how you want to feel as you work towards your life/career/business goals in 2023, because the truth is, if we’re not intentional, they probably aren’t. it will happen!

4. Make a list of 10 things that make you happy. Make a plan to do more of this in 2023.

December Journal Prompts: Advent Calendar

Seems simple enough, right? What makes you happy? What brings a smile to your face and what makes it light up?

But can you name 10 things that make you happy? Do you do them regularly?

If not, why not? The answer may be as simple as the intention. You’re probably not intentional enough to prioritize the things that bring you joy.

End Of Year Journal Prompts

If not, no judgement, because I woke up in this boat!! Looking at how I want to feel and what I want to focus on for 2023, I came up with two themes for the year: JOY and CONCLUSION.

End Of The Year Journal Prompts: Fun And Creative Writing Ideas To Reflect On The Past Year

I want so much more joy and fun and I want to feel so much more vibrant and alive, EVERYONE. THE ONLY ONE. DAY.

I want to be more consistent with habits that I know will not only bring me more joy, but also make me happier, healthier, and wealthier.

Joy might not be in your top 2 priorities for the coming year, and that’s 110% okay if it’s not…although you might be asking yourself, why not?

Is it because you’re already doing a great job in this area of ​​your life… or because you’ve never thought to make it a priority?

Diy Year In Review

We all have things we’re still healing from, especially the last three years. How can you give yourself some grace?

That doesn’t mean you don’t take steps to improve your mindset and life, but where can you take a break and be a little kinder to yourself?

Take a few minutes to really think about this and the journal and I think it will really help you as you move into the new year.

End Of Year Journal Prompts

If you want to be honest, have you made time to relax, play and be creative in the last year?

October Journal Writing Prompts 2nd Grade Ccss

Some people roll their eyes and think these things are frivolous, for kids, or just the “arty” types, but I’d argue that relaxation, play, and creativity are important for everyone. It is also vital.

I’m serious – how can we expect to live a full life if we never take time for fun and games? Where is the JOY in that?

How can we expect to play (work) fully if we don’t give our brains and bodies enough time to rest and heal?

Creativity can be many things…painting, dancing, singing, writing, drawing, cooking, knitting…the list is endless. Even if I get into a great book, my creativity can flow in new ways.

End Of Year Journaling Prompts

So… have you made time to relax, play and be creative in 2022? If not, how can you make them a higher priority in 2023?

You’ve probably changed and grown in many ways over the past year. Take a moment to truly reflect and appreciate your growth in 2022.

However you’ve grown over the past year, I respect you for doing this work. That you love yourself enough to grow in a positive direction.

End Of Year Journal Prompts

As you take time to reflect on 2022, take another minute to think about how you want to improve in 2023. How would you like to develop personally and professionally this Christmas ahead?

Writing Prompts For Kids

If someone could sum it up in three words, what would those three words be?

Obviously we are complex people and many of us don’t WANT to be defined in such simple terms, but what I’m really asking you is, if you could embody 3 principles/ideals/ways of being, what would you want them to be? (At least for next year.)

Take a moment to think about it. I’d love to hear your 3 words if you’re open to sharing them in the comments!

Here’s a fun journal topic! It can be feelings, activities, possessions, etc… what comes to mind with this question?

Opinion Writing Prompts For 2nd Grade

10. What will life be like in 5 years if you follow the current path?

Does the imagined life make you excited and inspired…or sad and worried about the future? (Or some other mix of emotions.)

Whatever happens to you – good or bad – take a moment to think about how you WANT life to be in 5 years and what steps you need to take to get there.

End Of Year Journal Prompts

Maybe you’re already on the right track, maybe you’re facing big changes – either way, as we enter a new year, it’s a great time to look ahead not just one year, but 5 years and dream a little. . A lot can change in 5 years.

Daily Writing Prompts For Kids

And then the really important part – start taking action to get where you want to be!

11. What challenges have you faced personally and professionally and what have you learned from them in 2022?

Even when things are challenging—or, frankly, circumstances are just plain bad—we can always learn from our experiences.

Seriously, it’s not easy to keep going when the going gets tough, but you’re still here. You’re still fighting. So, however you’ve handled these challenges, I’m proud of you and I hope you’re proud of yourself.

Year End Review

If you haven’t made time this year to learn from challenges, make some time now. We don’t have to love challenges, but I think we can always learn something from them.

Borders are a touchy subject for some. Many of us (especially women) struggle to set strong boundaries because we’re afraid of hurting or disappointing someone.

In many ways, we were raised to be caretakers. Putting the needs and wants of others first – even at our own expense. If you’re raised this way, it’s easy to think that setting and maintaining strong boundaries is somewhat selfish.

End Of Year Journal Prompts

The truth is, boundaries aren’t selfish—in fact, setting strong, loving boundaries can be the most loving thing you can do for yourself and others.

Journal Prompts For 2020 Reflection — The Journal Life

A client of mine once told me, “It’s easier to feel uncomfortable in the moment than to feel like I’m letting someone down.” I bet many of us have that connection.

But what happens in the long run if we ignore our needs again and again? We become exhausted and overwhelmed, angry, angry or very stressed and

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