End Of The Year Writing Prompts

End Of The Year Writing Prompts – The school year is almost over and these end of the year writing prompts are a great writing activity to reflect on and capture the school year. Most prompts encourage students to talk about what they have experienced and learned during the year, but there are also opportunities to express opinions and be creative in telling fictional stories. They should be fun, reflective and easy to use in the final weeks of the school year.

Each writing prompt comes with a writing organizer to help students organize their thoughts, and then a draft sheet for rough and final drafts as they improve their writing. I also added and modified a checklist to encourage them to check and self-edit their work. All printables are black and white to save ink, but interesting photos fit the fast theme.

End Of The Year Writing Prompts

End Of The Year Writing Prompts

Here’s a quick look at the prompts for this set. If you want to use them in your classroom or at home, just click on the image at the top of this post.

Writing Prompts / Writing Prompts And More–

I can’t wait to use them with my kids and I hope you enjoy them too. Take the time to pin down your favorites, and if you’d like, purchase a set to use in your classroom during the last few crazy weeks of school.

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End Of The Year Writing Prompts

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Packin’ Up The Memories End Of The Year Writing Prompt Activities

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Free Kindergarten Writing Prompts

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End Of The Year Writing Prompts

These projects allow students to further practice essential skills while allowing students to direct creative outlets. I love doing projects like this because the students can guide the activity while I’m working on individual assessments or getting the rooms ready for the summer.

The End Of The Bucket List

Journaling is a great way to allow students to explore all different genres of writing in one fun project. Students choose any topic they are passionate about – a sport, an animal, a book, a person, a movie… ANYTHING they want to write about – and then spend a long time creating different pieces on that topic.

Allowing students to choose a topic they know and are passionate about is a great way to not only increase engagement, but also learn more about students and their passions.

You can read more about the project here or participate in this exciting project today at Teachers Pay Teachers.

What if instead of writing quick facts and rushing through coloring, students actually took their time and wrote the right BOOKS in their memory boxes?

Writing Prompt Worksheets From The Teacher’s Guide

Memory books are a great way to remember the years and practice writing at the same time. Let students practice narrative, opinion, and informative writing while creating a thoughtful and entertaining book they can look back on forever.

Learn more about memory books here or purchase this memory book project today on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Sometimes we focus so long on the skill of writing that we forget more interesting and equally important writing skills like poetry.

End Of The Year Writing Prompts

A fun way to get non-writing students to enjoy writing is to have them create a poetry book. It’s a fun way for students to express themselves and a creative outlet for students who may struggle with traditional writing.

Best End Of The School Year Activities To Engage Students

Learn more about teaching poetry here or buy this poetry project (all teaching videos) from Teachers Pay Teachers.

The end of the school year can be difficult. Writing can be even harder, but be sure to refresh your writers and keep them engaged by trying some of these fun year-end writing prompts. Although students may think that as summer approaches, they won’t have to do much schoolwork. , you want students to learn as much as possible under your guidance. With these end of the year ideas, you can learn a little during the last 3, 4 or 5 classes!

Ask your students to write a letter to their class next year with tips and advice on how to get through the year.

You can have your students give any advice they want or ask them to tell prospective students:

End Of The Year Activities To Engage Your Students

This scaffolding resource guides your students from start to finish in creating an end-of-year letter to prospective students. Even struggling writers succeed! And best of all, you can use it digitally or print it.

The end of the year is a great time to encourage students to think about their future. Students are already nervously thinking about what their new teacher will be like and what the other children in their class will be like.

Encourage your students to do some soul searching and think about what they want from their future. What advice would they give to their future selves? What activities do they want to participate in? What kind of person do they hope to be? What are their goals?

End Of The Year Writing Prompts

This activity is very customizable. You could ask students to write a letter to themselves as a high school graduate, thinking long term.

January Writing Prompts: Free January Writing Prompt Calendar!

For extra points, hand out the letters or send them to students later so they remember what they wrote!

Ask your 3rd, 4th, or 5th graders to think about their favorite memories from the past school year and then write about it!

This end of the year writing idea is easily adaptable to any grade level. Your more advanced writers could write 3 of their favorite memories, while other students could only write 1.

Watching a movie is a common year-end activity, but why not make it more meaningful? Ask students to watch a movie based on a book they read together during the school year. Then ask students to write a compare and contrast paper.

Back To School Writing Tips

Here are some more ideas on how to more rigorously compare and contrast the book with its movie counterpart.

6th grade teacher Sarah Irvine has students choose their own stories about their adventure using Google Slides.

It requires a little more creativity and organization when it comes to storytelling! Each Google Slide tells part of the story, followed by various links to choose your own adventure.

End Of The Year Writing Prompts

Sarah explains: “For example, you are

Supercharge End Of Year Writing With These Fun Prompts

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