Different Ways To Write Alphabets

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Handwriting is a fun, creative and relaxing art form. However, many people find it difficult to create, especially capital letters. In this post, I’ll briefly cover the difference between handwriting and calligraphy, and show you 10 different handwriting styles you can use to create your initials!

Different Ways To Write Alphabets

Different Ways To Write Alphabets

If you’ve been browsing social media, looking at a magazine, scrapbooking, or Cricut design over the past few years, you’ve probably seen a handwritten note.

The Evolution Of The Alphabet: A Colorful Flowchart, Covering 3,800 Years, Takes You From Ancient Egypt To Today

What is handwriting? It is an art form using letters. Basically, you take basic letters (or writing) and turn them into works of art using a variety of bold strokes, thin strokes, decorative strokes, curves, and other embellishments.

Hand lettering has been growing in popularity over the past few years due to the popularity of magazine, craft, DIY and digital design.

However, while many people think that lowercase letters are easy to create (or at least they think they are), uppercase letters can be more difficult. These uppercase letters are often more ornate than lowercase letters, and are certainly larger.

Additionally, there are various things to consider, such as concatenating or linking uppercase letters to lowercase letters.

Hand Lettering J

Note: Before you get started, check out How to Improve Your Handwriting: 7 Easy Steps to Get More Confident in Your Writing Before Taking Your Skills to the Next Level!

Both of these styles are forms of handwriting. This is because letters are struck and edited multiple times instead of being written in one stroke (as in calligraphy).

The main difference between handwriting and fake calligraphy is the style used for the letters and the way they are drawn.

Different Ways To Write Alphabets

For hand lettering, you can create letters in any style, from blocks to cursive, bubbles, and more.

Jaraglobal Small Abcd Alphabet Writing Practice Wooden Boards

Fake calligraphy uses script-style handwriting to mimic calligraphy. Letters written and unwritten. That is, people draw the basic shape of the letters with a pen or pencil (continuing the process of writing by hand) and then add weight to certain parts of the letters to mimic a calligraphy pen. Issue a letter.

That’s why it got its name because it resembles calligraphy. But remember that the difference between this type of calligraphy and fake calligraphy is not in the appearance of the final product, but in the process of making the letters.

I often use calligraphy when writing letters by hand. At the same time, it’s fun to play around with different letters when you want to convey a different feeling with your handwriting.

Handwriting is an art form that encourages creativity. It differs from calligraphy, which requires the use of strokes.

Ways To Write Letter I In Brush Calligraphy

With handwriting, you can customize your typefaces in a variety of ways. You can change the following:

There are so many ways to create initials! The creative nature of handwriting allows for an endless variety of styles.

And the really fun part with hand lettering is that you can create interesting visual effects with your letters that you can’t do with calligraphy pens. These include:

Different Ways To Write Alphabets

If you’re new to handwriting, you may be wondering how to make initials. This process is different from writing calligraphy because it is more than just writing a single stroke.

Hand Written Alphabet Calligraphic Font Letters Vector Image

Handwriting takes a bit more time than writing or calligraphy (if you use it a lot), but the advantage is that you can make the letters however you want.

We hope that the basic process of drawing each letter will help you better understand the difference between handwriting and calligraphy.

Now let’s talk about different handwriting styles that you can use for inspiration or adapt to create your own unique style.

Now that we’ve covered the difference between handwriting and calligraphy and the basic process of creating letters, I’d like to share with you the different handwriting styles you can use to create your initials.

Creative And Cute Way To Write Alphabets

For the sake of space, I’m not covering every style. Because it is not possible to create a new style by modifying an existing style. The possibilities are truly endless, and it all makes for so much fun!

So, I’ll show you some common styles that you’ll see over and over again. Then, once you understand the basics, you can modify it however you like.

This style uses basic glyphs or block letters. There are no creases, extra lines, or embellishments, and all strokes are the same thickness.

Different Ways To Write Alphabets

These sans-serif-style letters are great for beginners and easy to personalize in hundreds of different ways.

Create Your Own Alphabet

In the sans-serif terminology above, “number” simply means “no.” Thus, sans-serif does not have a decorative stroke, but a serif. Each letter has a small decorative stroke added to the end of the main stroke.

In addition, each stroke has a different weight (or thickness). The bottom stroke is thick, the top and horizontal strokes are thin. All of these differences give the characters an artistic flair and (with some creativity) allow for much more customization.

This style takes the serif typeface format and adds a little extra flair through additional decorative details, creating some very elegant letters to make it stand out.

You can play with the exact style and change the shape of the stroke. Try bold strokes, triangles, dots, dots, squiggles, squiggles, and more.

Ways To Write Letter G In Brush Calligraphy

This handwriting style takes the beautiful serif style and adds some freedom to the font size and stroke to create a more elegant and sophisticated style. Capital letters may or may not be attached to the rest of the word.

Beautiful hand lettering even includes large letter sizes, drop shadows and other embellishments to embellish your words and make them really WOW!

This is a basic italic font calligraphy style. The letters are connected, the bottom stroke is a thick line and the top stroke is a thin line. There may also be simple whitewash at the end of letters.

Different Ways To Write Alphabets

However, there are endless ways to change or customize your script style. Take your imagination to new levels by playing with stroke weights, swashes, swells, curves and more!

Jaraglobal Alphabet Writing Practice Wooden Boards

This style uses script letters and hyphens at the end of letters. Spirals can be basic spirals, layered spirals, or other designs. The more runs, the more colorful the design.

Note: For this style, you can use letters of the same thickness, just use strokes, or use letters with a bold stroke.

This style works with serif-special and script styles. This adds dimension and depth to images, creating a very interesting (almost 3D) effect.

Just add a thin line to the drop side. You can create a drop shadow effect on your letters by filling the new letter with a shadow or leaving it open depending on your letter.

The Art Of Drawing Letters With Rb Resident Freshinkstain

This writing style has its roots in the calligraphy used in the Middle Ages, as the writing style of the Middle Ages is very clear. Its distinct features and bold angles (instead of curves) add an interesting and visually interesting contrast to today’s other letter styles when intended to convey a certain primitive or abandoned feel.

Instead of going back to the Middle Ages, why not just go back to the 19th century?

This style is very versatile and can be completely different. But despite its appearance, there are certain characteristics that can be seen everywhere: decoration and color, word forms, and the use of texture.

Different Ways To Write Alphabets

Think of the graffiti you see on train cars, subways, and buildings. Capital letters and other style words are hand-lettered (using spray paint on a larger surface!).

Ways To Write In Code

Using the same basic process described above, you can change the shape of your letters to curved, curved letters. Then play with patterns, colors, and patterns.

Lowercase letters are a little easier than uppercase letters because they don’t require a lot of variations or embellishments. Initials can vary from the simplest to the most elaborate, and everything in between.

Once you’re comfortable forming lowercase letters, it’s time to practice capital letters! Here are some tips to help you get started:

Well, that’s it

Hand Lettering Capital Letters: How To Make Different Styles

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