Different Ways To Tie Head Scarves

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Joelle from Le Petite Noob shares her favorite ways to wear a hijab. Scarves are the perfect addition to any outfit as we transition from summer to fall; As the weather cools down, we start adding layers to our outfits, so a silk scarf tied around your hair can transform even a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt into something special. So we need to know…what is your favorite?

Different Ways To Tie Head Scarves

Different Ways To Tie Head Scarves

The first style is probably the one I use the most and is a great way to add a bohemian touch to your look. Start by folding the silk scarf in half horizontally, reducing the scarf to half its size. Place the scarf on the back of your head and pull each side forward toward your face, making sure the sides are even. Bring each side together in front of your head and in the middle of your forehead, wrap the scarf around you twice, then bring the ends back to the back of your head and tie a knot to keep everything in place. Tuck any loose ends from the knot back into the headband and back of the head and adjust the kilim turban to your liking – I like to pull it from both sides to make my turban look larger, and I also take this opportunity to define any loose hair on the top of my head. The result is a fun and casual thin bohemian turban, perfect for a music festival or a quiet fall day.

How To Tie A Hair Scarf: Five Gorgeous Ideas 2023

I use the second method of tying a scarf when I’m looking for a more whimsical look. Start by opening the scarf completely, and place one end on the forehead and the other on the back of the head, covering the entire head. Hold both ends in each hand and tie a knot at the back of your head – again making sure each end is even. Take this knot and move it to the side of your head and make a big bow. I like to leave one end of the bow closest to my face loose to give my head a more relaxed look. Tune in and enjoy!

The third and final way to tie a silk scarf is with a headband, which I usually use on hot, humid days when your hair isn’t feeling well. I find that this style works best with the head up, so I wear my hair up in a messy bun. Take the scarf and fold it in half horizontally, giving you a thin strip to work with. Place the middle of the handkerchief directly over the forehead and pull both ends to the nape of the neck. After reaching the bottom of the head with both ends, switch the ends between your hands and lift the ends of the bandana up again to the top of the forehead. Center both ends slightly, tie a secure knot, then tie a bow. You will need to adjust the bow a little so that both ends of the scarf stick down, and I also like to spread the scarf out a little on either side of the head to give it a tighter look. A quick, easy and great solution for keeping facial hair out of your face on a hot day while adding some detail to your outfit.

What is your favorite method? Tell us below or use #ESTCALIFORNIA on your social media channels. Do you want to become an ESTCA owner? Now we add our team and look forward to cooperating with you! Send us a message, let’s talk. If you want to learn how to tie a scarf in style, this is the video for you. The timing couldn’t be more perfect as spring is just around the corner and summer is just around the corner. If you’re like me and have some terrible days when you don’t feel like touching your hair, in this video we’ll learn 10 different ways to tie a hijab. Just watch Nadira037 and find out how

10 Amazing and Beautiful Headband Styles You Should Check Out. These patterns are very cute and beautiful. If you love wearing scarves and just need some ideas beyond what you’ve already been doing, this video is worth a watch. A very detailed tutorial that was very helpful to a lot of people. I know because I’m one of them.

The Ultimate Guide To Headscarves

All the pictures are very beautiful!!! It would be hard for someone to pick one or two looks and say this is my favorite. I know I love them all. This is a simple and easy scarf tutorial where you won’t miss anything. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and I hope it helps you as much as it helped me. Which one is your favorite look?

I switched to natural hair two years ago and I still rock it to this day. You can contact me using any of the methods below. Scarves are taking over Instagram and Pinterest, and there are so many ways to wear them! I’ve been playing around with some fun hijab hairstyles that you may have seen on Instagram or in my stories! I finally made a video and created this post as a tutorial on how to wear it!

Let’s skip the obvious, you can wrap it around your head like a headband or tie it around a ponytail or bun, because everyone can understand that! I’ve put together a scarf in 9 easy ways that look adorable and more complicated than they really are! Many of these styles can be modified to be worn in a variety of ways. From adding pigtails, ponytails, half up twists, messy buns, etc. These are the basic styles that you can add as you wish!

Different Ways To Tie Head Scarves

Start each of these styles by styling your hair as you normally would. I curled my hair using the Drybar 1in 3-Day Bender.

Protect Your Hair Overnight With A Silk Head Scarf

Step 6. Pull a small strand of hair from the back of your neck and secure it with a clear elastic band.

Step 7: Wrap a small piece of hair from under the elastic band around the ponytail to hide and secure the elastic.

Step 7: Wrap a small section of hair around the elastic to hide and secure.

I had a really hard time calling a ponytail and bun a “hairstyle,” but technically it is, and this viral video from high school reminds me of: “Do this!” I pulled away.

Black Women Hairstyles With Head Wraps To Show Off

Step 1: Create a horizontal part at the top of the head. Circle around head to base of neck. Secure your hair.

Step 2: Dutch braid on your side. The Dutch braid is created from 3 sections that intersect with outer sections

Step 3: Continue Dutch braiding until it is behind your ear and finish with a loose braid. Secure with elastic band. Drag the outside of the cash register to enlarge it.

Different Ways To Tie Head Scarves

Step 4: Gather all hair, including the braid, into a ponytail. After installation, remove the rubber band securing the braid.

What Are The Different Types Of Head Wraps?

Step 4. Gather the hair where you want to place the bun and remove the elastic band holding the braid. (Don’t let the braid unravel!)

Step 3: Divide your hair into two sections by adding a scarf to each section on one side. Set aside.

Step 4: Hold the hair of the first section firmly and wrap the scarf around the hair. Secure at the bottom with an elastic band. Repeat on the other side.

Step 5: Wrap the rolls in opposite directions around the elastic band, overlapping them to form a bun. We get stuck in place.

How To Style A Bandana Or Headscarf, Inspired By Versace And Dior

Step 2: Divide it into two pieces by adding a scarf on each side. Set one section aside.

Step 3: Divide one side of the ponytail into three more sections, then tuck the scarf into one of the three braid sections so it naturally intertwines with the hair. Repeat with the other section.

Step 4: Wrap the braids in opposite directions around the elastic band, overlapping to form a bun. We get stuck in place.

Different Ways To Tie Head Scarves

Step 2: Divide into two parts. Make a fishtail braid by pulling a small section of hair from the right section, crossing the middle and tying it to the left section. Then take a small strand of hair from the left part, cut it in the middle, and connect it to the right part. Continue braiding down until you reach the appropriate length. For this style, I braided the braid about halfway down, leaving a long tail.

How To Tie A Head Scarf 3 Different Ways With Video Tutorial

Step 1: Start by creating a horizontal section across the head, all the way to the base

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