Different Ways To Tie An Infinity Dress

Different Ways To Tie An Infinity Dress – So this April my cousin is getting married (I can’t wait!!!!) and I’m looking online for dresses to wear to the wedding. I knew I wanted a mint long dress. All I saw were around $80…and remember my husband and I are trying to save money? Yeah, so I can’t spend that kind of money on clothes…unfortunately. I thought I could build one, but I couldn’t build what I wanted for under $80. So I came across this post (thanks sewlikemymom, I love love LOVE you!) and after watching the tutorial I decided I could make it and make it floor length! So I started looking for mint colored fabric and as luck would have it!! All in all, this is beautiful glory… and for sale at less than $5 a yard!! You don’t understand… these things don’t happen to me! I was extremely ecstatic! I bought 4 1/2 yards and it was perfect. As I sewed it I just said “please let it work, it looks so easy!” Well low and lo and behold when I turned my finished dress right side out and put it on….couldn’t be happier!!!!! I didn’t want to take it away!! I

I’m not exaggerating when I say this dress was super easy to make. If you have basic knowledge of sewing, you can do this.

Different Ways To Tie An Infinity Dress

Different Ways To Tie An Infinity Dress

I’m short so if you make it floor length you may need more fabric. I used 4 1/2 yards of stretch polyester fabric. You can use a light knit, and a stretchy fabric (that looks the same on both sides and won’t fray) works really well. What I did was I knew the straps needed to be 3 yards long so I added mine when I bought it. Here’s what you need to cut: that’s it!

Ways To Love You Convertible Dress (gold)

I started from the bottom. For the length, I measured from the waist to the floor (I always add a bit to be sure). Then I measured my waist and about doubled it up (you want enough extra so it gathers nicely). I sewed the side, stretched the fabric a little. Then I wrapped the elastic around the waist and cut and sewed. Finally, I sewed the elastic to the top of the belt (the elastic I was going to collect).

Now to the top! I started with the skirt and measured from the top of the skirt to where I wanted the band. You can make it wider or slimmer if you want, I just wanted it wide enough that I could pull it up and cover the chest so it would be better for a few different styles. I pinned and sewed one long side, turned the right side out and folded again so the seam was inside.

Finally! Connect them all together! I covered the straps by 3 inches (because I have a small, thin chest). I would say the bigger the bust, the more overlap you should have. I didn’t sew the top because I wanted to wait until the bottom was sewn. I put the seam in the middle because it can’t be seen. Once I sewed everything together, I sewed the side. I had to go up a little on the inside to make it fit and then cut off the excess fabric. That’s it, you’re done!! If you have any questions, just ask! Also, if any of my tutorials are unclear, check out sewlikemymom’s tutorial. The only thing I did differently was the bottom piece.

Here are just a few ways to wear the dress! But there are about a million different ways to wear this dress! I love it so much and can’t wait to wear it to my wedding!!!

Ways To Wear An Infinity Dress

I started by doing something like the first picture above and then the straps kept falling down so I changed it up a bit and wore it like this…

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Different Ways To Tie An Infinity Dress

** Have a project you made using one of my tutorials? Show it! Me and all my followers would love to see it! In my blog there is a page “Your pictures!”, which is located immediately “From this blog!” Check out the link at the top of my blog for more info and other fan photos!**You’d probably call me crazy if I told you that you can wear the same outfit dozens of different ways. Now we’re pushing the envelope even further…what if I told you that a one-size-fits-all dress can also be flattering.

The Convertible Wrap Dress From Twobirds Is Bridesmaid Approved

Body types? Are we in an alternate universe? No, we’re just discussing how to design an infinity outfit! This dress takes versatility to a new level and will quickly become your go-to for events.

One of fashion’s most versatile inventions, the infinity dress (also known as the convertible dress) is made from a stretchy fabric. For example, the style I wear is a super comfortable and wrinkle resistant polyester/spandex blend. It has a skirt and two very long straps that you can twist to create different looks. Perfect for travel, special occasions, photography and weddings. You can even wear it as a maternity style! Click on the video below for a style tutorial.

Are you grinning in disbelief that it really can be one size fits all? I was also skeptical, so I tested it on myself, my family members (too shy to let them take pictures) and two of my girlfriends. We have different height and size (represents sizes 2-12). And guess what? It actually worked! Every woman felt beautiful in a dress. Best of all, each of them took a minute to figure out how to style endless outfits, ultimately creating a look that perfectly suited their personal preferences.

Whether turtleneck or strapless… cap or bat sleeves… one shoulder or off the shoulder… open back or criss-cross design, an infinity or convertible dress gives you the flexibility to make it happen. Therefore, this choice has become a bridesmaid dress! I really wish this option was available when I was married. It looks so pretty and is something your bridesmaids can wear again – and in so many different ways.

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The first is Ashley. The former university volleyball player is quite tall and has an athletic build. She opted for a halter top and X-back style that flatters her figure while still allowing the busy and energetic mom to dance the night away. Next we have Mallory in coral pink. She had a baby a few weeks ago and loved the flowy and attractive nature of the fabric. Mallory designed her dress with a traditional V-neckline and a Grecian twist. How pretty is the back detail?!

It’s clear there’s a lot to love about Infinity Dresses…and that includes their prices! You can find an endless number of dresses from many reputable online retailers. While there are companies that specialize in these types of styles, you’ll likely find the best deals on Esty or Amazon. For example, this dress is from Amazon and retails for $37.99!

The style I offer is available in 23 colors and two sizes: “One Size” (fits US sizes 0-16) and “Plus” (fits US sizes 18-24). You also get a top tube to make the style more flexible. It measures 47 inches from waist to leg. It’s too long for little ones like me. However, this dress has a raw hem design so you can make the length your own. No need for tricky turns! It does not fray when you cut the fabric. You

Different Ways To Tie An Infinity Dress

Able to maintain a clean edge. The fabric has a subtle sheen that enhances the elegance.

How To Wear A Metal Necklace With Convertible Dress

This can be the most difficult part of learning how to style an infinity dress. There are certainly endless ways to embellish a traditional bra. However, many of your style choices mostly have open backs. If you want maximum versatility, I highly recommend the flesh-colored silicone “sticky bra” that lifts and supports the “girls” well. They are available for all breast sizes.

) asks you to pay attention to the lines in your underwear. This is especially true for lighter colors like the coral pink below. I’ve tried several styles of n0-show underwear, but finding uniforms works best. Invest in high-waisted or form-fitting shorts for a simple yet flattering look. That said, in these videos/photos I’m just wearing traditional no-show underwear.

Still not convinced? Seriously, I feel like infinitely convertible clothing is a huge step forward for women who crave options. They are not alone

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