Developing A Marketing Plan And Strategy

Developing A Marketing Plan And Strategy – An e-marketing strategy should not be created separately from an offline strategy Instead, marketers must take a holistic view of all business goals and marketing opportunities Offline and online activities should complement each other, both have the potential to reach different audiences. However, the Internet is extremely useful as a research and information tool in the strategy process

The starting point for any business and marketing strategy is knowing who you are “You” refers to the organization as a whole (although, of course, a little self-disclosure is always recommended). Although this can be reviewed periodically and start by looking at what the business problems are that will solve the problem;

Developing A Marketing Plan And Strategy

Developing A Marketing Plan And Strategy

With a solid understanding of where the organization is now, research analysis systematically assesses the organization’s environmental and social context, goals and strategies to identify weaknesses and opportunities.

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Porter’s five forces analysis is useful in understanding the attractiveness of the market in which a firm operates. However, this framework of analysis was developed before the Internet, which has disrupted the markets in which we operate.

Production and distribution costs have dropped dramatically in many areas Entry barriers and switching costs are reduced This means that there is more competition in the market because the barriers to entry for new firms are lower and the associated higher costs are likely to be lower as these costs are less likely to cause consumers to switch to competing products. Perhaps most importantly, the bargaining power of end users increases as they have greater access to information when making purchasing decisions.

Often the Internet shifts competition primarily to price Michael E. Porter, “Strategy and the Internet,” Harvard Business Review 9, no. 3 (March 2001). 62–78 This means that firms try to attract and retain customers simply by offering services and products at low prices, even though this is not the best strategy for companies to pursue. Technical differentiation comes from the value a company offers to customers

When analyzing competitors, it’s not just product and price that drives the discovery process. While there may be obvious competitors in the same industry, an organization should consider what (or who) might be competing for customer attention and valuable search engine traffic.

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When identifying competitors, analyze your customers’ needs and determine how customers can meet those needs differently. Products and services not only compete for customers’ money, but fundamentally compete for customers’ attention.

Considering the customized Converse shoes, the customer’s need will not likely be that they need to cover their bare feet. Instead, the shoe fulfills the consumer’s need for individuality and self-expression NIKEiD is an obvious competitor, but a service like Face Your Manga ( allows web users to create custom manga avatars (or computer user representations) that are represented in shape. does icons or 3D characters) for online use

Marketing objectives are the desired outcomes of a marketing plan, a written document that details the actions required to achieve marketing objectives. . What are the specific goals that will demonstrate the success of the marketing strategy?

Developing A Marketing Plan And Strategy

They should be unique to the organization and based on results that will generate money for the organization It is a strategy, so the focus is on long-term success Establish milestones that will demonstrate that the strategy is on track for success

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Now is the time to apply the tactics covered in this textbook Based on an analysis of your organization and its goals, consider strategies and tactics to help achieve those goals.

For example, acquiring new customers could be a goal Content can be a strategy to display ads on websites that reflect your target market If the goal is customer retention, e.g. A mail newsletter strategy can help build relationships with an interested database of prospects

After strategies are developed, they should be evaluated against your organization’s needs and resources At this stage, it may be helpful to follow Humphrey’s SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) for a complete analysis of the established strategy.

For each strategy, a SWOT analysis identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats presented by the strategy (and can of course be used to evaluate the plan).

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A SWOT analysis will reveal the feasibility and attractiveness of the established strategy Organizational requirements include the following:

What are the main advantages of e-marketing over offline marketing? It uses hyperlinks to distribute messages This means that e-marketing can be tracked, data can be analyzed and then fed back into marketing strategy optimization plans.

The web allows you to track each tactic independently, and then intelligent analysis should allow you to think about how these tactics work together. A marketing plan is an operational document that describes the advertising strategy that an organization will implement to generate leads and achieve its goals. The marketing plan details the awareness and PR campaigns to be carried out over a period of time, including how the company will measure the effectiveness of these initiatives. The functions and elements of a marketing plan include the following:

Developing A Marketing Plan And Strategy

The terms marketing plan and marketing strategy are often used interchangeably because a marketing plan is developed based on a broader strategic framework. In some cases, the strategy and plan may be included in a single document, especially for smaller companies where there may be one or two major campaigns in a year. A plan outlines the marketing activities on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis while a marketing strategy outlines the overall value proposition.

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New product launch It is a marketing plan that outlines how the new product will enter the market, who will be targeted and how it will be promoted.

Social media. A social media marketing plan focuses on advertising strategies on various social media platforms and how to communicate with users on those platforms.

Time based Time-based marketing plans, such as those implemented quarterly or annually, focus on the time of year, the current state of the business, and the best strategy for that time.

A marketing plan takes into account the value proposition of the business A value proposition is a general promise of value to customers and is a statement that appears front and center on a company’s website or any branding materials.

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The value proposition should show how the product or brand solves the customer’s problem, the benefits of the product or brand, and why the customer should buy from this company rather than another company. The marketing plan is based on this value proposition for the customer

Defining your key performance indicators (KPI) will allow you to measure the success of your marketing plan along with your company’s value proposition. For example, if your goal is to engage with a specific demographic in a specific area, you can track social media and website visits.

A marketing plan defines the target market for a product or brand Market research is often the basis for target market and marketing channel decisions For example, will the company advertise on radio, social media, online advertising or regional television?

Developing A Marketing Plan And Strategy

Knowing who you want to sell to is a very important component of any business plan This allows you to focus on your business and measure its success Different demographics have different tastes and needs, knowing who your target market is will help you market to them

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Marketing planning includes the concept of these decisions The plan should focus on the creation, timing and placement of specific campaigns and include metrics that will measure the results of marketing efforts. For example, will you advertise on the radio or on social networks? If on radio or television, what time will you air the ad?

A marketing plan costs money Knowing your budget for a marketing plan will allow you to create an appropriate plan for that topic, stick to it, and prevent unnecessary expenses. This will also help you segment the different areas of your marketing plan

The marketing plan can be adjusted at any time based on the measurement results If digital advertising performs better than expected, for example, the campaign budget can be adjusted to fund a higher-performing platform, or the company can start a new budget. The challenge for marketing leaders is to ensure that each platform has enough time to show results

Without the right metrics to measure the effectiveness of outreach and marketing efforts, an organization won’t know which campaigns to repeat and which to abandon; Maintaining inefficient initiatives will unnecessarily increase marketing costs

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Digital marketing shows results in real-time, whereas TV ads require rotation to achieve any level of marketing advertising. In the traditional marketing mix model, the marketing plan falls under the “promotion” category, one of the four P’s. A term coined by Neil Borden to describe the marketing mix of product, price, promotion

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