Cute Ways To Tell Husband Youre Pregnant

Cute Ways To Tell Husband Youre Pregnant – In honor of Valentine’s Day on Friday, I couldn’t help but share this. Last Valentine’s Day I found out I was expecting our fourth child. My first pregnancy test came back completely blank, so I had to buy another test that came back positive! Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I decided to make a cute little book of tips to surprise my husband with the news. This was my first pregnancy and I managed to surprise my husband.

My first pregnancy was a huge surprise and I shared the news on Skype because I wouldn’t see her for a few weeks. Two more, my husband was waiting in the other room so I tried to do a cute thing of saying it was the first pregnancy and another little one had joined our family.

Cute Ways To Tell Husband Youre Pregnant

Cute Ways To Tell Husband Youre Pregnant

I’ve always thought about giving her a pink and blue cake balloon that said “I’m pregnant” and seeing how long it took for her to get the hint, but never until now had the beautiful revelation come. I did not arrive

Pregnancy Announcement Book Of Clues

My husband and I always disclose to our family that we are pregnant before posting it on social media. We usually try to come up with a cute sentence and pair it with a photo to show off our latest addition.

For kid #4, I created a little Valentine’s Day clue book with three puzzles/games. I set it up with the other gifts I bought for my husband and patiently waited for him to come home from work and find it.

Every year I decorate a bead box for my husband. I decorated this beer crate before I even knew I was expecting it, which made the whole gift fun in my head “my favorite thing for you” here is a decorated beer crate!!!

To make the tip book, I first folded a sheet of computer paper to make a small book.

Fun Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy

Fold the paper three times in half. Cut a slit along the center line. Fold it back to create pages in a book.

In the first pages I wrote “Rose is red, violet is blue, I have a surprise for you, and here are the clues:”

Clue #1 was going to be hard because I didn’t want my husband to guess it right away. The twelve hands and twelve feet represent our soon-to-be-born family of six. The amazing part is that we continue to amaze people with our growing family!

Cute Ways To Tell Husband Youre Pregnant

This song is from Britney Spears’ Raf – Oh I did it again, I changed the “I” to “We” because it takes two to make a baby…

Creative And Funny Ways To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

When my husband didn’t get it with an “oh we did it again” I asked a question…

Clue #3: What do these things have in common? Minivans, designated drivers, your clothes, doctors, October (date specified)

If my husband didn’t get the note after three points – he did – it was on the last page with the words “Sorry I’m late, but you have a great cause!” As I wrote it, it became clear that I had to add some humor to this situation!

Needless to say, my husband was surprised. He asked if I was serious, but happy about our new addition. This put a small damper on their planned Valentine’s Day date.

Creative & Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

My husband was going to take me to Battle Access, wine tasting and try a new restaurant. We still went to Battle Axes which was fun but good practice. We had a whole hour to throw axes, two of us, then we’re the future, let’s go with the group. We skipped the wine tasting and then tried a new restaurant which was just right. Overall it was a great date!

Make this book for your significant other and yourself. Add tips that are appropriate for your family and life. Make it fun and exciting. You can add pictures, statements, jokes. The possibilities are endless! Congratulations mom! Finding out you’re pregnant is a special moment, but announcing your pregnancy to your loved ones is even more magical and one you’ll always look back on for years to come.

Announcing a pregnancy varies from person to person, as some people want to keep it more private to a few people, while others get so excited that they shout it from the rooftops and share their news with The whole world shares.

Cute Ways To Tell Husband Youre Pregnant

Whichever way you decide to announce your pregnancy is entirely up to you, as this is news to share and however you decide to announce it will be incredibly special to you.

A Great Way To Spice Up A Marriage

If you’ve recently found out you’re pregnant and are trying to get creative with the way you tell your family and friends, we’ve got some fun ways that are definitely worth trying. These creative pregnancy announcements come from members of our parenting team, and show how they’ve shared the exciting news of a new baby in their family – number 26 is our favourite!

Emily: “We declared it so! Lola was our first child and we knew we had to involve her somehow. It seems like the best way and she is the best big sister! “

Ryan: “The glass dome and book were the centerpieces of our wedding – like every wedding table we had different ‘fairy tales.’ I found this Chip and Mrs. Potts teapot shortly before I got pregnant and we’re huge Disney fans. (We We went to Disney World for our honeymoon) so we used them to make a Beauty and the Beast themed announcement!

Jennifer: “After 4 years of trying to get pregnant, multiple operations, operations, needles and lots of tears. We never gave up. Our miracle IVF.

How To Tell Your Husband You Are Pregnant: 10 Creative Ideas

Trish: “This is our announcement, we’re all rugby fans, so what better way to introduce a new player to the team then reveal the gender!”

Jess: “I hereby announce that my baby and only baby is getting a new best friend!”

Rachel S: “We announced our pregnancy by saying to our parents, ‘My husband and I ran into someone they know but haven’t seen in years, and they gave me an envelope promising to see you soon.’” Around Inside The envelope was a card with a removable heart magnet for the fridge inside the envelope was a positive note There was a photo of the pregnancy test: the babysitter and the best photo and the magnet is still on her fridge today!

Cute Ways To Tell Husband Youre Pregnant

Debbie: “We asked our favorite comic book artist to do something for us. He’s a penguin genius!”

Making A Pregnancy Announcement To Your Husband?

Lucy: “They say a picture is worth 1000 words! I used my mom’s scrabble board to announce our page. She had passed away the year before and I wanted to find a way to make her a part of it.

Rachel: “We literally bought our first house a few weeks before we got pregnant. We were in the middle of renovations when we announced the pregnancy. We posted this under the title ‘Home Remodeling, We’re Getting Two Feet Bigger!’ We posted

Faye: “How we announced our pregnancy on social media – the night of our 13 week scan.”

Kylie L: “The 2018 Christmas elf sent a special message with the baby elf to take care of her new baby when she arrives in June.”

Funny Pregnancy Announcements To Make You Laugh

Judy: “This is me and my boyfriend! After our happy surprise, we’ve only been together for 3 months. So we decided to go with a different and humorous announcement to ease the shock!

How did you announce your pregnancy? Or are you looking for ways to share your exciting news, we hope these ideas inspire you!

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Cute Ways To Tell Husband Youre Pregnant

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Best Pregnancy Reveal Ideas For Your Family (2024)

Tell us your baby’s due date below so we can give you lots of support on your parenting journey… The moment you find out you’re pregnant can be an exciting time! My husband and I waited anxiously for the positive pregnancy test and it never came. We finally went to a fertility center in Utah and to our surprise and delight we got pregnant on our first cycle of Clomid.

I was so sure that we were not pregnant that I answered the phone with our results when I was at work and my husband was away. Fully aware that we finally tested positive, I immediately looked for a clever way to tell my husband. Telling him we were pregnant was my favorite surprise I had ever given him. (More on that below. . . .) Anyway, this is an exciting time in our lives and I’ve put together a fun list of clever ways to tell your husband.

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