Crown Books For Young Readers

Crown Books For Young Readers – Discover Earth as you’ve never seen it before in this stunning and unique collection of satellite images that offer an unexpected look at our planet. Perfect gift for young National Geographic fans and atlas enthusiasts.

When astronauts look at our planet and see its vibrant surface shimmering in the darkness of space, they experience a big-picture effect: a sense of wonder, an awareness that everything is interconnected, and an overwhelming desire to care for our one being. house

Crown Books For Young Readers

Crown Books For Young Readers

OVERVIEW: The Young Explorer’s Edition, newly adapted for young readers from the adult overview book, captures that sense of wonder and shares it with readers without having to leave the terrain. Extraordinary aerial photographs reveal Earth’s natural beauty and show the surprising, fascinating and devastating ways in which humans have impacted our environment. This stunning visual journey will forever change the way we see our home planet.

Birthday Book Haul

Benjamin Grant is the author of Overview and founder of the Daily Overview Instagram site, which inspired the book. His daily posts have delighted and challenged his fans around the world since 2013. Benjamin graduated from Yale University, where he studied history and art history and rowed on the heavyweight team. Live and bike in San Francisco. You can follow along on Instagram at @dailyoverview or learn more at

Sandra Markle is the author of more than 200 children’s books, which have won numerous awards, including Boston Globe-Horn Book Honor Book, IRA/CBC Children’s Choice, NSTA/CBC Outstanding Trade Book for Children, NCTE Orbis Pictus Recommended, and ALA Notable . . Books for children. She lives in Florida. You can follow her on Twitter @SANDRA_MARKLE or learn more at WRITE ON! Sandra Markle Pay tribute to fashion designer and civil rights icon Mae Reeves in this illustrated biography written in collaboration with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture.

May had a dream of making unique hats. But the path for a black designer was not clear, so May made her own way, leaving her home in the segregated South to study at a milliner school in Chicago.

May had the skills, but she longed for the independence to create her own methods. So May found a way. In Philadelphia, she became the first black woman to own a business on South Street. Whether you’re Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald, Marian Anderson or a lady down the block, May wanted to look good and feel special in one of her original hats.

Killers Of The Flower Moon: Adapted For Young Readers Crown Books For Young Readers Ebook V. David Grann

Published in collaboration with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, acclaimed author Olugmisola Ruday-Berkovich (Nomis) and award-winning illustrator Andrea Pippins (I Love My Hair) bring fashion pioneer and civic organizer Mae Reeves to life. Page And when you’re done reading, explore May’s shop and styles in person in her permanent exhibit at the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

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Year 6 books: Below is our selection of recommended titles chosen by expert teachers and librarians. Are you looking for a storybook for your child’s classroom, library or collection, or choice titles for your class reading list or sixth grade curriculum books to motivate your student to read more? The list below contains 40 titles for 10-11 year olds in primary KS2, suitable for individual reading, pair reading, classroom teaching and book clubs. Our fun, age-appropriate reading recommendations for UKS2 students consist of a variety of fiction and non-fiction books for all ranges of abilities and interests. The books on this list are reviewed quarterly and include middle grade novels and stories by Jamila Gavin, Unjali Rauf, Jasbinder Bellan, David Almond, Lara Williamson, JRR Tolkien, Michelle Magorian, Maz Evans, Zizo Corder, and Nina Bawden And more.

Crown Books For Young Readers

Xanthe loves spending time with her grandmother in the roof garden of her urban paradise. But when she begins to lose her memory, Xanthe discovers a way to piece together her grandmother’s extraordinary life with the help of a mysterious cat. This remarkable novel spans continents and cultures to address themes such as home, family, and being a refugee. Highly recommended. Read our full review.

Inspiring And Educational Environmental Books For Kids

The end of fifth grade through the end of elementary school is told through life snippets in this unique and powerful story in verse. Accessible, strong and highly relatable, Year 6 students will empathize with Nate and the challenges he faces at home, his struggles with bullying and discovering what really matters between the ages of 10 and 11. Highly recommended. Selected as our September 2023 Fiction Book of the Month.

After Valentine’s ex-spy mother and evil father divorce, a growing evil lurks in the form of an evil master who wants to take over the world. Will Valentine be able to save us all from certain doom? The addictive, fast-paced and fun plot will keep readers intrigued. It was previously featured as our Fiction Book of the Month.

Never fall asleep in this fast-paced, mysterious horror film! When Lance sets foot in the Crater Lake Activity Center, little does he know what awaits him and his friends. Will they be able to stop the aliens in time before all their teachers and classmates are brainwashed? A chilling page for independent readers.

Judy feels lonely and isolated during a school field trip at the edge of a swamp, when she hears a dog barking. As she sets out to find him, the tide comes in and she is trapped. Will he be able to find a way to safety, and is the rumor that the marshes are haunted true? “Judy” is an engaging and memorable middle-grade ghost story. Shorter animated text for less confident readers. Highly recommended.

The Busy Body Book: A Kid’s Guide To Fitness By Rockwell, Lizzy [crown Books For Young Readers, 2004] Hardcover [hardcover]: Rockwell: Books

Jack spirals out of control, gets into trouble at school and crosses boundaries. He thinks his mother doesn’t notice until she invites him to join her on a surprise business trip, unexpectedly venturing deep into the rainforest where real danger lurks around every corner. Can Jack adapt and see what really matters in life? Covering topics such as gang peer pressure, loss of a parent, attention-seeking behavior and courage, it is a book of great flavour, perfect for book club discussion and use as a starting point for creative writing.

Narrated in the first person by Ahmed, a nine-year-old Syrian refugee, this story follows how he adjusts to life in London and how he plans to find the family he left behind. A sympathetic masterpiece with situations and stories that students will relate to, this is a great book to spark discussion, sitting, and creative writing in sixth-grade English and literacy classes.

The glorious and mysterious quest story sees young heroines Sophie and Lil crossing the Atlantic to New York in search of their captive friend. However, the dangerous and mysterious brothers have other ideas and will stop at nothing to thwart their rescue attempt. An ideal classroom reader for sixth grade teachers looking for a new Titanic-era text.

Crown Books For Young Readers

A very funny book with true facts and stories that will appeal to reluctant readers. The illustrations are bright and attractive. Great book for immersing 6th graders.

Fantastic Ya Book Club Books (for Teens And Adults) In 2022

“The history of the Earth, dinosaurs, rulers, robots, and so many other things”: This fascinating and unique non-fiction book is highly recommended for extending and encouraging inquisitive children and encouraging critical thinking. This newly revised and expanded edition is a great resource for any sixth grade classroom or children’s bookshelf at home. Read our review for more details.

Sixth graders will love this original and interesting look at the life of Dan Hope and his dysfunctional family. It is a wonderful and heart-warming book, a great book to read after Wonder and a great book to discuss with PSHE Year 6 students. This story is a fascinating study of family relationships and changing friendships.

An exciting graphic novel with great text and dialogue. Ippo is left alone when his brother disappears and his sister actually runs away. Now you must embark on an epic and dangerous journey through deserts and dangerous city streets to reach the sea and have a chance to escape and find your family. An accessible and well-written illustrated text, this is an ideal Year 6 book for guided reading groups.

When a strange store appears out of nowhere, Daniel is drawn to the mysterious building, its aisles and endless surprises. He begins working for the owner, Mr. Silver, but when Mr. Silver disappears into thin air, Daniel must face threats and dark forces to save the store. With rich language and clear written descriptions, this is an excellent Year 6 reading book.

Back To School Picture Books To Brighten Any Kid’s First Day

A poignant and unforgettable story about time travel. When Al reads a letter, a chain of events begins as he races to travel to 1984 to try to rescue his late father.

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