Creative Ways To Tell Husband Youre Pregnant

Creative Ways To Tell Husband Youre Pregnant – Finding out you’re pregnant is a special moment, but announcing your pregnancy to your loved ones will be the best moment you’ll remember for years to come.

Announcing your pregnancy is different from one person to another, as some people want to be more private and only tell a few people, while others are very happy that they shouted from the rooftops and shared their news with the whole world.

Creative Ways To Tell Husband Youre Pregnant

Creative Ways To Tell Husband Youre Pregnant

How you plan to announce your pregnancy is all up to you, because it is your news to share, and however you decide to explain it will be unique to you. Amcisi Pregnancy Announcement For Dad Baby Reveal Ideas For Husband Hi Daddy Pregnancy Test Keepsake Wooden Sign, Dad Level Unlocked Keychain, Pregnancy Announcement Card, New Dad Gifts

If you have just found out you are pregnant and are trying to be creative with the way you tell your family and friends, we have some fun ways that are worth trying. These creative pregnancy posts come from members of our parenting group and share how they share the happy news that a new baby is in their family – number 26 that’s what we like!

Emily: “This is our announcement! Lola is our first child and we know we want to include her in some way. This is like the best and she is the biggest sister!”

Rianne: “The glass dome and book were central to our wedding – we had different ‘stories’ for each table at the wedding. I saw the Chip and Mrs Potts teapot before I got pregnant. and we’re huge Disney fans (we went to Disney World on our honeymoon) so we used them to promote Beauty and the Beast!”

Jennifer: “After four years of trying to get pregnant, many procedures, surgeries, needles and many tears. We never gave up. Our IVF child is a miracle.”

The Honest Pregnancy Announcement

Trish: “This is our announcement, we’re all rugby fans so what better way to announce a new player to the team, then we’ve seen gender as well completely!”

Jess: “This is how I announce my baby and only baby gets a best friend!”

Rachel S: “We announced our pregnancy by telling our parents: ‘My fiance and I ran into someone we knew but hadn’t seen in years, and they gave us a envelope for me with the hope of meeting soon.” This is thrown away! Inside the envelope is a picture of a positive pregnancy test with a card with a metal heart on it. Removable sticker on the fridge that reads: Nanny and Grandad’s best is yet to come. To this day, the picture and magnet are still on their fridge!”

Creative Ways To Tell Husband Youre Pregnant

Debbie: “We asked one of our favorite artists to do something for us. He’s a penguin genius!”

After A Long Day And We Actually Have No Ball Practice Or Games I Told My Children I Was Going To Relax A Tad. My Daughter (10) Filled Up My Cup For

Lucy: “They say a picture is worth 1000 words! I used my mother’s Scrabble board to present us. She passed away years ago and I wanted to find a way to make her a part of it. .”

Rachael: “We bought our first home a few weeks before we got pregnant. When we announced the pregnancy, we were in the middle of renovating. We posted here with a message. said, ‘Renovations continue, we expand by two feet.’

Faye: “This is how we announced our pregnancy on social media – the night of our 13 week scan.”

Kayleigh L: “Christmas 2018, Elf wrote a special message for baby Santa to take care of until their new baby arrives in June.”

Halloween Pregnancy Announcements

Jodie: “This is me and my boyfriend! We’ve only been together 3 months after our happy surprise. So we decided to choose another fun way to advertise, hopefully reduce the shock!”

How do you announce your pregnancy? Or if you are looking for a way to share your happy news, we hope these ideas give you inspiration!

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Creative Ways To Tell Husband Youre Pregnant

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Grandparent Pregnancy Announcements

Let us know your child’s birthday below so we can give you more and more support in your parenting journey… Happy Valentine’s Day Friday, I can’t help but tab tell this. Last Valentine’s Day I found out I was expecting our fourth child. My first pregnancy test was completely blank so I had to run out and buy another test that came back positive! Since it is Valentine’s Day, I decided to make a cute mini guide to surprise my husband with the news. This is my first pregnancy where I can do something to surprise my husband.

My first pregnancy was a surprise and I broke the news on Skype because I didn’t see her for a few weeks. Both, my husband is in the other waiting room so this is the first pregnancy I tried to do something cute to tell him that there is another child to join our family.

I always had ideas from the “I’m pregnant” cake to give her pink and blue flowers and see how long it took her to get the hint, but I won haven’t had the chance to show off the sweetness until now.

My husband and I always announce our pregnancy to our family before posting on social media. We often try to come up with cute words and together with a picture to show us more truth.

Ways To Reveal Your Pregnancy To Hubby

For child #4, I created a little Valentine’s Day book with three riddles/games inside. I put it together with the other gifts I bought my husband and patiently waited for him to come home from work and find it.

Every year I fix a bed for my husband. I hung this beer before I knew what I was supposed to do with all the fun gifts in my mind. “You are my favorite thing to do” Decorate a beer crate HERE!!!

In order to make a guide, I first took a piece of paper on the computer to make a small book.

Creative Ways To Tell Husband Youre Pregnant

Fold the paper in half three times. Get rid of it. Cut a slice along the center line. Fold it back to make the pages in the book.

Top Pregnancy Announcement Captions

On the first page I wrote “Roses are red, violets are blue, I have a surprise for you and here are the instructions:”

The #1 has to be difficult because I don’t want my husband to guess right away. Twelve hands and twelve feet represent our family of six. The surprise is because we continue to surprise people with our growing family!

The song is by all Brittany Spears – Oops, I did it again I changed “I” to “we” because baby it takes two…

Just in case my husband didn’t say, “Oh, we did it again,” I asked a question…

When To Tell People You Are Pregnant

Question 3: What do these things have in common? Minibuses, drivers, your clothes, doctors, October (last day)

Just in case my husband still didn’t get a PM after three points – he did – I made it clear on the last page by writing “Sorry I’m late but you have the Good goal!”. I need to add some humor to the situation!

Needless to say, my husband was surprised. He asked if I was serious, but excited about our new addition. However, it put a little damper on the Valentine’s day he had planned.

Creative Ways To Tell Husband Youre Pregnant

My husband planned to take me to Battle Axes, make wine, and try a new restaurant. We still go to Battle Axes which is fun but good work. We have a whole time to throw axes, only two of us in the future remember to the self, go with a group of people. We skipped the wine tasting and then tried a new restaurant that was just as good. Overall, it was a great day!

Creative & Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

This is an exciting time for your partner and you, so make this book for yourself. Add tips that are better for your family and life. Make it fun and enjoyable. You can add photos, comments, jokes. The possibilities are endless! Happy Mother’s Day! So you got your positive pregnancy test and now you want to know how to tell your husband that you are pregnant!

After I got together, I wanted to tell Devin right away, but I knew I wanted to do it in a memorable and fun way.

If you are looking for a fun and creative way to tell your husband that you are pregnant, here are 26 ways to do that.

This is how I chose to tell Devin I was pregnant with Alexa and it was really memorable.

Father’s Day Pregnancy Announcements

I got my results first thing in the morning. I wanted to wait until dinner, because that would make more sense, but I couldn’t wait.

When Devin came downstairs I was afraid there was something in the oven and asked him what it was.

He said, “It’s just a roll, you should have left it there yesterday” and I said, “No, Devin, there’s a cake in the oven”.

Creative Ways To Tell Husband Youre Pregnant


How Did You Tell Your Husband?

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