Creative Ways To Tell Husband Your Pregnant

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Look for those two pink lines on the pregnancy test. Is there anything more interesting? It’s great when you share great news with your partner! If it’s something you’ve wanted for a long time, or even if it’s just a surprise, letting your partner in on your secret is one of the first steps in your inner journey.

Creative Ways To Tell Husband Your Pregnant

Creative Ways To Tell Husband Your Pregnant

But now you know, how can you surprise them? There are so many great ideas for telling your partner you’re pregnant that it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few. So, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways to spread the word.

Unique Ways To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

Sure, it’s years old, but it’s still good. If your partner isn’t expecting a gift and it’s not their birthday or holiday, you can totally grab them – simple, easy and effective.

. Do you remember when Aunt Becky found out she was pregnant and wanted to share her joy with Uncle Jesse? This led to the proliferation of baby food. No, not baby food, baby food. On the plate were her back ribs, baby corn and baby shrimp. Didn’t get any at first but was happy once it sunk in. Throw in the 90s and we love it.

There are many baby songs out there. Make a playlist and see if they catch on. You can add

. Bonus: Playing on the wall at a baby shower is also fun.

Cute Ways To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

Who doesn’t love a cozy t-shirt? Gift your partner a tee that says Mom or Dad. Also, it’s fun to add “Due:” and put the year the baby is due. We bet they’ll be wearing their new duds with pride in the next few months. Hey, it might even make it to the delivery room.

A new baby means saving some money on your taxes. Put something on a piece of paper that looks like an official document and present it to them. Make sure they read it carefully and add something sensible like a new addition. We may have used it with a colleague and he still talks about it!

If you have a sibling, include them. You can make or buy a shirt for your siblings just like Mom or Dad’s shirt. Children are especially excited and proud to announce that they are going to be a big brother or sister and be part of the fun!

Creative Ways To Tell Husband Your Pregnant

Tell them it’s their turn to run to the store. Be sure to include essentials like milk, bread, eggs and diapers. This is for beginners or older children who don’t wear diapers. Fun and sure to make you laugh.

Memorable Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy To Your Parents

This is for men. Introducing a dad comic book is so much fun. It will be a few months before they start learning some singers, but trust us; This will not go away. But one day you might regret it.

Have you seen this? You can find them online and they look like lottery tickets, but instead of money, it’s declared inside. Combine this with a couple of lottery tickets and they’ll never know what they hit.

You can put a countdown app on your phone or their phone and leave it open. Or you can leave it for a day to see if they care. This may be an obvious emergency for the techies, or you should show it. it’s good.

Your dog or cat is going through a big change soon. Put a tag around their neck and let them share stories. An animal lover will fall hard for this.

Pregnancy Announcement Book Of Clues

Tell them you got tickets to a party and give them a fake stub. Fill in interesting details like your due date, doctor and names. Of course they will be invaded!

If you visit your doctor before making your announcement, you can share the sonogram. It’s a great way to tell your partner you’re pregnant and make it official. Seeing your baby on screen is an amazing feeling and a moment to share.

A card is a simple yet sweet way to tell them you’re expecting them. Buy a card that says “You + Me = Three.” The card might throw them off for a moment, but they’ll love it when they get it.

Creative Ways To Tell Husband Your Pregnant

You can get them with board games in many ways. Get started by rigging up the Scrabble game and pulling out your announcements. The wheel of fortune letters that reveal I’m pregnant are brilliant. Or tell them the puzzle. Hope you get it, but it’s fun.

Cute Pregnancy Announcements For The Dad To Be

Make sure your partner is in charge of the appointment that day. Twins, a sleeper and a baby blanket will attract their attention. Wait for them to multiply several times a week. Babies are spoiled!

A classic game on words. Tell them to check the timer because you have “a batch in the oven.” You can repeat several times, but hopefully they will catch on quickly. Put real bread in there because it makes you hungry, is warm bread better without butter?

Grab some bottles, a couple of baby foods, and a bib. Ask them to grab something from the cabinet and wait for their response. However, they fit well with these bottles. There are many feeds in the future.

Coffee, wine, glass of water? It doesn’t matter. Another fun way to tell your partner you’re pregnant is to print a glass or mug that says they’re going to be parents. Depending on what’s in that glass, they may decide to grab another right away.

Boyfriend Fiance Husband Daddy Pregnancy Announcement

Do you really want to bother them? Instead of a mom or dad shirt or a card, give them something that says grandma or grandpa and tell them to give it to their parents. It might take a second to sink in, but it’s a winner. It serves a dual purpose as it is a real gift they can give. If you think it’s fun to tell your partner, grandparents are amazing!

This could be a book to read to your baby or something to read on your own in preparation for the baby’s birth. This is an interesting book that you can hold for a long time.

These are interesting things. Get the baby a teddy and record your voice on it to announce the good news. These are special to share with your kids when they grow up. This can also be done by taking your baby’s heartbeat before the ultrasound.

Creative Ways To Tell Husband Your Pregnant

Do they like cookies? cake? Hey, it might be cookie cutter! Write a message at the top to let them know that life is about to change in a big way. But be sure to take pictures. It may not last long.

Rainbow Baby Announcements

Who doesn’t love reading fortunes after a delicious meal? Ask for the fried rice and the orange chicken and stuff that grows inside. When you’re done, let them read their fortunes. It may not be a regular message, but we hope it puts a smile on their faces.

Also, there is nothing wrong with plucking directly from the toilet. Not everyone needs a big surprise. Let’s be honest, sometimes you just can’t wait!

However you choose to tell your partner you’re pregnant, be camera ready. You will want to remember the beautiful look on your friend’s face for a long time.

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Creative Ways To Tell Husband Your Pregnant

Over the years, there are many ways to tell your boo that a new little romance is on the way.

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From announcement mugs and puzzles to revealing you have a sibling or a pet at work, here are 13 great ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant from real moms.

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