Create Your Own Tea Brand

Create Your Own Tea Brand – Looking for a fun and unique way to try our delicious iced tea? Then check out our Create Your Own Cold Brew Kit! You can choose from six cold brew tea flavors to create your own custom package. This is a great way to try new flavors or find your perfect tea blend.

You can’t go wrong with this package, you’ll get exactly what you want, no hassle. Or if you’re looking for lots of new things to try. This is your best choice. Very fun and always delicious!!!

Create Your Own Tea Brand

Create Your Own Tea Brand

The aromatic loose leaf tea is simply amazing! Receipt was easy and everything was in place. The packaging was very neat. The taste of the tea is simply amazing. I highly recommend Mango Gusher and Fruit Bomb. I was so glad I was able to choose a package that included all of my favorites.

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Making your own cold brew packaging is fun! I love choosing my favorite teas, they all taste amazing. They are sweet but not too sweet and very easy to make. I especially like the prickly pear, lemon and sangria flavors. I’ll definitely be restocking soon!

My only wish would be to choose the $20 gift card instead of the two separate $10 cards.

My daughter was out of sorts and there’s nothing like tea to cheer you up.

Gift card sent quickly! This is a great way to care for my child from miles away while he learns better. Thanks to Sugandha Ila for making it easy.

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I love being able to send a gift card and receive it right away. My honors students are frequent visitors to Fragrant Leaves, and it’s nice to surprise them with a gift card via text message.

This is a great gift idea for U of A students and is very easy to buy 🙂 At our factory in Oslo, Greenland, we have packaging machines and designers creating the packaging. We have experience in procurement, import and certification. We have everything you need in a partner, so you only need to focus on building your own brand.

A hotel or cafe chain may have its own tea brand (private label) as a complement to its existing food and beverage brand. With 10 years of experience in the tea industry, we have a lot to share and can help you. Tea with your own print can also be relevant for someone as marketing material.

Create Your Own Tea Brand

Our factory has all the necessary know-how. However, you can combine our services with what you can do yourself. If you want to create your own packaging or you already have one, that’s fine. Some solutions require a certain scope to implement them, but in general we are flexible and can create a suitable scheme.

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The first thing you need to do is find out what the brand is. For example, is quality or sustainability a core principle?

We have a large selection of teas and tea blends for you to choose from, but if you’re looking for something special, we can source it or make it for you.

There are countless possibilities here, the main thing is to live up to their story. We cope with most tasks and always appreciate challenges. The only limitation is creativity.

We are proud to be an importer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality organic tea, fresh all year round and sourced directly from tea plantations around the world. Our 11 awards at the world’s largest food and drink competition prove that our teas are of the highest quality. You will certainly benefit from our experience as we work together to create your new tea line.

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