Cool Ways To Wear Bandanas

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I remember the first time I wore a bandana: it was Decades Day during Homecoming Week in high school. I used a Riveter costume for Rosie that I bought with a friend. I wrapped my head around my head and prepared to be disappointed. Up until then I had written off bandanas as something only cowboys wore. However, when I saw how it looked I was surprised at how beautiful it really was. Although it is a simple way to push my hair out of my face and add to the outfit, it makes me look beautiful and confident. Since that day, I have bought more bandanas and used them on various occasions.

Cool Ways To Wear Bandanas

Cool Ways To Wear Bandanas

Although it looks like I’m just wearing a bandana as a head scarf, I found another way to use my old boring stuff.

How To Wear A Bandana Around Your Neck (the Easy Way)

You probably already know this, but bandanas can make amazing headbands. This is an easy way to brush your hair off your face while avoiding the headaches that common flags bring.

To get this look, fold your square bandana in half and fold it back several times until it’s a thin strip. To tie the bandana at the end and put it on your head, pull the string out from the back of your head, under your hair. You can wear this look while running errands, studying, or hanging out with friends.

This takes the classic headband look but adds some extra spunk to it. Instead of tying the tie in the back, tie your bandana in the front.

If you don’t like the way the tie is attached in photo 1, you can reattach it, like the teal bandana above. This creates a tie on the top of your head that gives a new look to the bandana bandana look. This would be a good thing to wear to class, carnivals, or a casual dinner.

How To Tie A Bandana Like A Chef

Although this bandana kerchief look gives off some Cinderella-doing-housework vibes, it’s the perfect look for a lazy Sunday or BBQ.

To achieve this look, fold the square bandana into a triangle. Fold the long end of the triangle over once or twice and tie the ends. Then just put it in your head. Although this look may remind you of the princess Cinderella of yesteryear, it is the perfect way to catch the eye of your future prince.

The classic ponytail is one of my favorite hairstyles but sometimes it needs a refresh. An easy way to do this is to add a fun bandana to your ponytail. Just tie your favorite band around your ponytail to update this classic style. Perfect for going to dinner, class, or date night.

Cool Ways To Wear Bandanas

Rolling out of bed in the morning can be overwhelming and doing your hair after waking up can be a chore. The easiest way is to throw it in a messy bun but why not give the illusion that you woke up more than ten minutes before class by adding a bandana to your bun?

Ways To Tie A Bandana

For the look, fold your bandana in half again and fold it into a single line (as you did in the headband look, #1). Tie a bandana around your bun like a hair tie and voila, you can fool your classmates into thinking you got your good night’s sleep and still have time to look together.

So, your wardrobe needs something to wear but no necklace speaks for itself? A great way to add a little flair to an outfit is to tie a bandana around your neck.

You can do this by wrapping the bandana like a headband and bun style but instead of tying the ends around your neck. You can tighten the choker look or leave it longer for a statement necklace look. You can hide the ends by moving them back. This look is a great idea for a party or a day full of shopping. It also gives a Parisian vibe!

Another option for a bandana necklace looks classic, like a cowboy (or a woman!). To achieve this look, fold the bandana into a triangle and tie the ends at the back of your neck. This is perfect for a costume or a way to hide an undershirt or blanket. It also naturally guides other people’s eyes to your face so you can show off your amazing self.

Bandanas Are A Cyclist’s Best Friend

If you don’t want to wear your bandana but still want to use it as a fashion piece, you can tie it to your bag. This sets your regular backpack or purse apart from the rest. Maybe this is how you can find your bag at the airport or feel more stylish when you carry your bag to class or a party. Either way, it’s a great way to wear your old bandana.

Although the bandana is mostly seen in classic Western movies, it is a timeless look that can be worn anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re looking for a way to style your hair or a night out outfit or an everyday piece, you can count on bandanas to get the job done.

What kind of bandana do you like? Do you have other ideas about how to dress? Let us know in the comments below! Can we all just take a minute to think about this bandana movement yet? Well, I think headgear in general because I love the look of hijabs and ribbons. But I think bananas are my favorite because there are so many of them! There are so many ways to wear a bandana that this little thing deserves a “how to wear” blog post.

Cool Ways To Wear Bandanas

I first mentioned my love for bandanas when I shared my list of Summer Capsule Wardrobe Essentials. And one thing I’m excited to do more of on my blog is show you how to wear these essentials – giving you ideas to do more with what you already have.

How To Wear A Bandana: 9 Coolest Styles For Men And Women

I absolutely love styling this little red bandana this season! I wear it in my hair, on my wrists, and in many ways around my neck! All that said, I can’t recommend this enough.

You may have noticed (or will) this little red pop up in clothes all over blogs and Instagram. It quickly became my favorite of the season, and I didn’t hesitate to pick it up. So I just bought 2 more colors while I was at Madewell last week. I’ve found that it actually takes a blah or boring outfit from something attractive; it’s like completing a simple outfit, which often serves as the “third element” I need to round out the look.

I haven’t tried all of these methods, but I still want to share all the ways you can use a bandana if you want to try it yourself. I will give an example of how I wear a bandana when I have a photo.

First, let’s talk about how to wear a bandana on your head – because we have a lot of variations here.

Adults Flexi Tubular Bandana

Wearing it as a headband is probably my favorite because it’s so easy. I did this (and no. 3) all summer until now! It’s great if you want to keep hair out of your face or when it’s hot (aka all summer in Dallas). Just tie a bandana around your head and then leave your hair down, half up or in a top knot. Everything looks good! You can choose to leave the knot at the back of your hair or up. I think they both look good depending on what I am. The front tie definitely adds a girly, fun touch.

I like to do this with ribbon, but a bandana is really fun in a ponytail. Add a little sass to a regular ponytail effortlessly. You can do low or high bangs, but I always go high. Pro Tip: Use a hair band first and then tie the bandana for extra support.

This is very similar to method No. I wear this when I’m at the beach too – it looks great!

Cool Ways To Wear Bandanas

Moving on to how you can wear your bandana as a necklace, because there are actually a few variations on how to wear your bandana around your neck too!

How To Wear A Bandana Under A Motorcycle Helmet For Safe Riding

Another way to wear your bandana is as a choker as you can see

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