Christian Chapter Books For Young Readers

Christian Chapter Books For Young Readers – We’ve compiled a list of the best chapter books for kids. They’re so cute and adorable, your family won’t be able to put them down!

My love for reading is contagious. The books at home seemed unsatisfactory. Most of my kids spend some afternoon or evening curled up with a good book.

Christian Chapter Books For Young Readers

Christian Chapter Books For Young Readers

One way I encourage a love of reading in my children is by involving my children in the chapter book section. You’ll be hooked on the first one and can’t wait to come back for more!

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Reading series are a great way to connect ideas and spark other interests. Furthermore, after reading the first book, it will be easier for you to believe the contents of the subsequent books.

I’ve done some legwork for you and hopefully save you some time in finding the best chapter book series. Here are 11 of our favorite series. I hope your kids enjoy them!

I doubt the Little House series requires much explanation, but if you’ve forgotten… don’t miss this opportunity to teach your children about early American life. Family traditions and references to God are a refreshing and welcome part of the series. The jockstraps are from the same collection, but maybe in a more masculine weave. Both are great family read-alouds of almost any age, which is why they top our list of favorite Christian books for children.

The series was written in the 1950s and is rarely seen today. Rich content and great characters are just some of the reasons why the series is so popular. The beauty and activities of the home will capture your heart!

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In these stories, a little girl enjoys the stories her grandmother tells her. It is a wonderful treasure trove of faith, wisdom, and eternal life lessons. They are perfect for elementary and middle school students.

Written by characters from The Odyssey, Imagination Station brings adventure and mystery to young readers (ages 7-12). The series is similar to the popular Magic Tree House series, minus the magic and witchcraft. There are more than 9 volumes of happiness.

If you’re looking for a series that will make your life better, The Moodys won’t disappoint. Sarah Maxwell has written seven books so far that describe the joys of living a good life… following a simple school family who helps others, learns to love God, and enjoys family time. This series is a great choice for family read-alouds or a solid stand-alone choice!

Christian Chapter Books For Young Readers

Perfect for your new chapter readers, Cul-de-Sac Kids explores stories of friendship, teamwork, and faith as you explore your community. These books are short and great for building confidence.

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I fell in love with Rod and Staff’s book at my first homeschool conference. There are books for every level, perfect for reading aloud or alone. These books tell the story of simple families living lives that glorify Christ. Farming, housework, and missions were just a few of the topics discussed. My 8 year old couldn’t get enough of these books so I had to include them even though they are not in the same series.

Guaranteed to be fun and exciting, Sugar Creek Gang has been enchanting kids for over 50 years! These chapter books are short but full of fun.

Another great historical novel series told from a child’s perspective. Sister Time has a clear Christian perspective, as the characters rely on God for protection, grace, and provision during some of the most difficult times in history. Great for family reading.

Last, but probably my favorite is From Time to Time a Christian Hero. Over 25 volumes, there’s a story for every era and region. In your living room, you can relive the stories of heroes of our faith who shared the gospel with the world. If you love missionary stories, here’s a list of our favorite missionary books!

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I’ll probably save the best for last. This is a chapter book series for our whole family. This is a complete biblical allegory set in the Middle Ages. There are samurai, there are sword fights, there are warriors, and there are women.

But even better than that, the lessons in this series and the other three chapter books written by Chuck Black are inspiring and confidence-building! Check out the Kingdom series here.

Through practical, Bible-based tools and resources, Kim Sorgius is dedicated to helping your family grow in your faith so you don’t become consumed by life’s challenges. Kim is the author of popular children’s Bible study and home education tools, has a master’s degree in education and design, and has over twenty years of experience working with children and teens. Above all, her most important role is that of mother and governess to four wonderful children.

Christian Chapter Books For Young Readers

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I could make a living reading to kids…oh wait, I love it! Ah, the joys of being a stay-at-home mom! Seriously though, reading aloud to my kids is the best part of the day. Even older kids will still curl up on the couch with a well-loved picture book…

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Almost all of our family holds a thick pastoral book in our hands. But it wasn’t always like this.

When I was growing up we donated to Lottie’s Christmas charity every year. I don’t remember ever knowing what it meant or where the money went, but I know we paid it with pride. I’m sure our church once sponsored missionaries, but I don’t recall knowing any until I was an adult. To be honest, I’m not too worried about my lack of experience in this area.

Christian Chapter Books For Young Readers

One day we were filming a biography of Hudson Taylor. I’ll be honest with you, I have no idea who he is. But the lines around the booths at homeschool conventions were really long, so I figured reading pastoral books was the way to go. (Go ahead and laugh, I know you laughed too!)

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It took a few months to actually open the book, but one night we finally got out. The children gathered quietly around me as I read all the words of the first chapter. There is a second one. The third. After reading for more than an hour, I finally had to stop because there was a lot of moaning in the room. This book may be the most fascinating book we have ever read!

I was probably more shocked than anyone. I have been putting off reading this article because I misunderstood the importance of doing so. Well, I thought it would be boring.

By the time we finished reading Hudson Taylor, I ordered a dozen more pastoral books and we were forever changed.

When you start looking at the problems faced by these amazing men and women, our little problems become special. They risk their lives time and time again just to share the gospel with the lost. At the same time, we feel uneasy about the person walking in front of us or the woman who went all the way to Walmart. Really puts things into perspective, right?

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I don’t want my kids to do this

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