Carpet Cleaning Business Start Up Package

Carpet Cleaning Business Start Up Package – Carpet cleaning is one of the most profitable businesses to get into. It is an easy business to start, run and maintain. Recognized as one of the top ten companies to incorporate according to business professionals and entrepreneurship books and magazines,, and many other business research companies. It’s also a business that can be run part-time while keeping your current job full-time. It is the perfect business to add to or join your mattress cleaning business, tile and grout business, wood and laminate floor care business, home allergy cleaning, and many others. We have all the tools, training and information on all those companies. Carpet cleaning is also known as a recession-proof business.

Carpet cleaning has one of the highest rates of return on any business investment. Cleaning company costs typically run about 5% of the job, which means a 95% profit margin.

Carpet Cleaning Business Start Up Package

Carpet Cleaning Business Start Up Package

With our system you can advertise fast carpet cleaning without chemicals. Our process uses green (chemical free) cleaning agents. This gives you a huge advantage over almost all of your competition. Plus, talk about recession proof business, this is it. Because, every year there are tens of millions of people who buy new carpets. The worse the economy gets, those people decide to clean their old carpets instead of buying new ones, and it’s a business.

Goodfx X5, Lx Motors Carpet Cleaning Business Start Up Package

Over 90% of your competition will be traditional steam cleaners (hot water extraction), you have seen them with a big van in front of the house with hoses running into the house. steam cleaning (hot water extraction is a 40-year-old process that can leave the carpet wet for hours (or even days if not done correctly). forcing water and dirt down into the pad and even the subfloor). A lot of water is then sucked from the carpet, but because the pad and substrate are wet, it takes a long time to dry completely. can cause wicking problems (stains that come back), mold and mildew problems, rapid re-contamination, and total trouble for the customer. Freeze damage is costly. The gas to power the equipment is expensive and you have to find a legal place to dispose of the dirty reclaimed water (which also adds cost and time).

We’ve come a long way in 40 years. With our system, the carpet will dry in about 30 minutes; The stain will not come back, and the carpet will resist dirt after cleaning, keeping them clean longer. Our equipment is cheaper, light weight, quiet, no maintenance, small, easy to use, easy to transport, easy to store, without freezing problem. There is no gas to buy the equipment (you use the customers electricity), and no water to waste.

In a large national survey that asked customers who had their carpets cleaned what their biggest complaint was, the overwhelming number one response was that the carpets were too wet and took too long to dry. The second biggest complaint was that most of the stains returned after the carpet was dry.

The use of the latest cleaning technology also eliminates the problem of long drying times after the carpet is cleaned. With our new system, carpets dry in 30 minutes or so and are ready to go straight away. The equipment is easy to use and maintain. Because the equipment is quiet to work with and there are no hoses running through the building, and the fact that the carpet dries quickly and can even be walked on during cleaning, it means that commercial carpet cleaning can be done while the business is still open. This is obviously a huge advantage for them as a home owner. You can clean the house in the morning and they can entertain you in the afternoon.

Ultimate Checklist For Starting A Cleaning Business

Using this new cleaning technique allows new people to gain an advantage over the competition in business. The reason is that more than 90% of today’s carpet cleaners still use steam cleaning (hot water extraction) to clean their carpets. steam cleaning is a 40-year-old process involving large amounts of water with heavy complicated equipment that has cost them tens of thousands of dollars. Because of this huge investment, many are unable or unwilling to convert to newer cleaning systems. This allows you to offer your customers carpets that are cleaner, dry faster, with less noise, less hassle, and no more stains.

The new cleaning chemicals are safer for the home owner as you are cleaner when cleaning the carpet. In fact, many of the cleaning products we use today have no chemicals. As stated above, this also sets you apart from the competition because you can offer chemical-free cleaning.

With the advent of new cleaning systems, tools and chemicals, carpet cleaning is now relatively inexpensive to get into. You no longer need to buy big vans and install expensive cleaning machines. The latest engines can now be transported in minivans, SUVs, or even cars. Below are pictures of some of the vehicles used by our company:

Carpet Cleaning Business Start Up Package

Our company sells equipment, supplies and chemicals to the carpet cleaning industry, plus we have been doing carpet cleaning for many years and run our own carpet cleaning business. This puts us in a unique position in recommending carpet cleaning and equipment to the business. We have used every type of carpet cleaning equipment and system in the industry and sell many of them. We have built tools and helped design new tools. We do this business every day.

Start Up Package

The equipment package we offer is “in our opinion” the best general cleaning package. They use the latest chemical cleaning technology available with the best machines made today. Our goal here is to offer you a system that is easy to use, easy to transport, versatile, and a cleaning process that will WOW!!! your customers. Trust us when we say you’ll blow away one of your competitors. We also want a system that will differentiate you from the competition, and allow you to offer more services to your customers. We want a system that is cost effective, and can pay for itself with the first purchase, plus put extra money in your pocket.

We do not spare equipment or supplies. The most beautiful equipment in the industry, and is part of a complete cleaning package. You don’t need to buy anything else, except maybe a vacuum cleaner if you don’t have one. We didn’t include this in the package because many people like it or already have it. You will also be able to perform additional profitable services for your customers such as laminate and wood floor care, tile and grout cleaning, and upholstery cleaning.

The system we recommend will clean better, faster and easier than the competition. Your carpet will dry faster, stay cleaner longer, and can be done for less than your competitors. This means more money per customer.

This system will also clean more than just carpets. You will be able to clean furniture, tile and grout, linoleum, vct (vinyl composite tile), wood floors, cement, stone, as well as carpet. You can clean oriental rugs, area rugs, and more. This gives you the ability to increase your income stream significantly.

How To Start A Cleaning Business

Due to low water usage and low or chemical-free cleaning agents, it is an environmentally friendly cleaning process.

We also have packages for those who want to offer a low steam cleaning process and a steam cleaning process (hot water extraction). There are times when a good carpet rinse is recommended or makes the job easier. Examples of this would be carpets with a lot of urine from pets, dirty carpets commonly found in rental apartments, and greasy restaurant carpets. Although our low moisture process will work on this, steam cleaning (hot water extraction) may be faster and more effective on this type of carpet. Our Steamin Demon machine is the most unique and most effective steam cleaning machine in the industry. Read more about it in the Carpet Cleaning Machine Section.

Let’s look at a typical cleaning job. We will be conservative here. Our marketing program tells you to sell your home above because they clean their carpets regularly, have a discretionary income and want their home to look clean. However, for this example we will choose a 3 bedroom ranch house that is 2000 square feet. This type of home typically has around 900 square feet of carpet. We recommend that most professional cleaners will charge .35 cents per square meter to clean it, and 15 cents per square meter for carpet protector (or Scotch guard).

Carpet Cleaning Business Start Up Package

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