Can I Start My Own Delivery Service

Can I Start My Own Delivery Service – After four years of building and innovating, the Delivery Service Partner program has helped nearly 3,000 entrepreneurs grow their businesses, employ 275,000 drivers, and deliver more than 10 million customer packages per day.

“Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner (DSP) program has been a game-changer for us and allowed us to realize our dreams as business owners,” said Sal Caiazzo, owner of Regional Express Inc., Amazon’s DSP. “Celebrating four years as a DSP is a significant milestone for me, and I certainly look forward to seeing this program continue to grow and serve my community.”

Can I Start My Own Delivery Service

Can I Start My Own Delivery Service

Regional Express Inc. He is an Amazon DSP, a small business shipping company that delivers packages on behalf of Amazon. We proudly launched the DSP program in 2018, both to add capacity to our transportation network while growing our customer base and to enable the next generation of entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. Developing a world-class network requires building great teams and understanding local communities, and we believe that small local businesses are the best way to achieve this goal. As we celebrate four years of DSP, we are proud to be chosen to create a program that empowers many small business owners to succeed for themselves, our clients, and the communities they serve.

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The DSP program has opened many doors for us and the team. We’ve been able to invest in and reward our people, and many of the people who started with us are now part of the leadership team here.

When we launched in 2018, we signed up almost 180 owners in our first year of operation. Our main focus is sharing our operational and logistics expertise, as well as tools, technologies and funding to support business owners as they set up their companies. After that, we focused on learning and applying feedback from DSPs and their teams to improve the program every day. Today, Amazon has more than 3,000 DSPs worldwide, employing more than 275,000 drivers and safely delivering more than 10 million customer packages every day. Together, we’ve generated more than $26 billion in revenue for their small businesses and positively impacted many communities around the world.

In 2020, we are excited to expand DSP to other countries and communities around the world. We have started operations in Canada, UK, Spain and Germany. The DSP program supports Amazon’s worldwide shipping and is located in more than 14 countries, including France, Italy, Ireland, Brazil, the Netherlands, India, Belgium and Austria. We recently launched a program in Saudi Arabia, the first country in the Middle East to operate a DSP program.

“The hallmark of the DSP program’s success has been our exceptional partnership with DSP owners. Their willingness to share feedback on how to improve the DSP experience has allowed us to grow and expand the program in ways we never thought possible.” said Parisa Cedrazada, DSP Amazon’s global partner vice president of services. “Through their continued work, commitment and dialogue, we have been able to expand into new communities, improve our fleet to better support drivers and the environment, create new jobs and business opportunities, and support our customers. This partnership is the driving force behind the program. which affected the lives of hundreds of millions of people.”

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Along the way, we’ve realized that it’s important to empower underrepresented communities to make sure they also have the tools they need to be successful entrepreneurs. That’s why we’ve launched incentive and grant programs to reduce and eliminate barriers for veteran, women, black, Latino, and American entrepreneurs. In total, we’ve awarded nearly $7 million worldwide and supported hundreds of entrepreneurs through these grants.

So what’s next for the DSP program? We are excited to support the next generation of DSPs by providing more opportunities that inspire business ownership. Earlier this year, we launched the Road to Ownership program, where we provide top-notch delivery driver partners and DSP team members with the opportunity to improve their skills and abilities through access to education, hands-on experience and resources to they can become Amazon. DSP. The program provides avenues for these talented individuals to advance their careers and realize their dreams of starting their own businesses. We intend to grow the program so that hundreds more people can start their own business. We are also committed to increasing our operations on the road, as we innovate to achieve zero carbon emissions as part of our 2040 climate commitment. US cities by the end of this year and 100,000 across the US by 2030.

We are extremely proud of the work we have done with the DSP community over the past four years. We look forward to continuing our partnership and providing DSPs and their teams with new opportunities and resources to achieve long-term success. Read when we identify the two DSPs that have been with the program since the beginning.

Can I Start My Own Delivery Service

Sal Caiazzo, a first-generation American born to Italian immigrants, grew up in Long Island, New York, and now lives in Georgia with his wife, Grace, who is also his business partner.

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Lacaiseau has a background in architecture and urban planning, and after working in New York for several years, he and his wife were ready to try something new, somewhere. They moved to Georgia to work in the transportation industry. A few years after they moved, Caiazzo heard about Amazon’s DSP program through word of mouth and decided to apply.

Since starting the DSP program four years ago, Caiazzo’s company, Regional Express Inc., has quickly grown to nearly 200 employees with locations in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

We offer four people who not only deliver for customers, but also make a difference for people in need.

Caiazzo’s advice to DSPs just starting out is to focus on security. “That’s the most important thing,” he said. “And Amazon gives you the framework and resources you need to make sure your team and your customers are always in good hands.”

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When not working with his team, Kayatsu enjoys playing lacrosse (on local teams and a travel team), spending time with his family, and doing things he cares about.

Like Regional Express Inc., Milum Express LLC is a family business. With years of experience in logistics, Mailidi Martinez and her business partner, who is also her husband, were looking for ways to start working with Amazon.

“It was pretty much the way it was supposed to be,” Martinez said. “We talked about how we wanted to get involved with Amazon, and right after that we heard about an open house the company was holding in the area for their new DSP program. We went and knew we had to have a be a part of it.”

Can I Start My Own Delivery Service

Since joining the DSP program in 2018, Milum Express LLC has grown to a staff of approximately 250 and operates four locations throughout South Florida in Groveland, Clearwater, Doral and Fort Lauderdale.

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“We’re really lucky to have been given this opportunity,” Martinez added. “The DSP program has opened many doors for us and the team. We’ve been able to invest in and reward our people, and many of the people who started with us are now part of the leadership team here.”

Family business is now beyond husband and wife. The couple’s children, a daughter who is in college and a son who just graduated, already work for the company and love it.

“My husband and I did everything together,” Martinez said. “We made every decision together and built it together. We are happy that our children are a part of Milum Express.”

When asked what advice he would give to those looking to apply to the DSP program, Martinez said, “It’s worth it. You just have to stay focused and see everything as a learning experience. Amazon gives you the tools you need.” gives, and with hard work. and persistence, you can make something really great.” By Khushboo Shah Feb 5, 2015 at 2:55 pm EST Through GrubHub’s Q4 Stock Dinner [Chicago Tribune], GrubHub Makes Big Move in Restaurant Delivery Wars [Fortune], Square Buys Food Delivery Caviar [E] and All GrubHub Coverage [E]

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