Build Your Own Toy Helicopter

Build Your Own Toy Helicopter – A: Hello everyone! I’m 16 years old and I love making things with my 3D printer. More about saulemmetquinn »

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make an RC helicopter from old cheap toy parts. All the electronics in it were taken from a broken cheap toy helicopter. I designed the project in Tinkercad.

Build Your Own Toy Helicopter

Build Your Own Toy Helicopter

This project may seem pointless because I used a helicopter to make the helicopter. However, the original game was only $5 and never flew properly. So you can think of it as an upgrade in functionality and maybe even design.

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Unscrew the 7 M1 screws from the body and carefully separate the two halves. Then remove the propeller assembly and electronics.

Figures 11 and 12: Attach and glue the cone using a piece of 33mm steel shaft.

Using the photos above as a guide, assemble the tail. The first 4 photos show how to glue the tail. The remaining pictures show how to mount the motor and propeller. I used a different propeller because it looked better, but the original propeller will work.

Below is a video of it flying. The flight is not very controllable, but it still flies and can land quite well. Just a heads up: this thing only reacts to the controller if you’re literally within range. For example, I was throwing it out and I tried to go a little higher and it went up about 20 feet and then it fell into the grass. Luckily only the landing gear broke. That’s why I couldn’t make a good video.

Igor Sikorsky Built His First Helicopter Before The Wrights Flew

This project was a lot harder than I thought at first, it ended up taking 2 hours to assemble and I had to re-solder the wires so many times. Anyway, I really enjoyed it. How I Made My Own Rc Helicopter at Home / Homemade Rc Helicopter / HOMEMADE Rc Helicopter Victor (2) (3) (4)

Hi, my name is igvevictor, (saintsmart), i made this mini rc coax helicopter, about 7 meters using pwm signal output, you will ask me how i did it, in my life i wanted to make something fly by hand or analog , I try 20 times. I never lose hope, in 2015 I discovered the site CHEAP RC HELICOPTER MADE FROM CIRCUIT BOARD, it was so flawed for me, this was not my first heli ever made, but I want to tell you how I made this fly, let’s find out something.

I made the body from an aluminum drake, 15 cm long, 10 cm long, I drew the symbol on the drake before cutting it, bent the body and made a hole in the center of gravity (cg).

Build Your Own Toy Helicopter

The motor I use is from a stereo amp, 8v, take two motors, a tube, a mini bearing from an AC fan for the inverter, ok once you have it all, add a bearing to both ends of the top of the tube and add a axis, e.g. an antenna pole, for the second axle to go through, add first and second gear to the axle and glue them on, add some epic to the side of the tube and add your motors, their gears will touch the gears of the axle gears,

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Note: the shaft mostly moves freely through the bearings, adjust the gear well, there is a lifting point, do a test if it rotates well.

Fit the coax to the body, where you drilled the hole add the tape/tubing and glue it, put it through the shaft and cover well.

I use wood to make a prop, clockwise and anticlockwise, 8 inches long, you can make a better one, balance the prop if you want it to fly but you have to, after balancing adjust it and the rubber.

Negative – 1st motor for guests + 2nd motor, do it with the other one, you will change the connection with the clockwise and anticlockwise motor, that should be easy, add a long tiny cable about 7 meters (+ & – ).

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CG stands for center of gravity, to balance i.e. make sure the nose is a little heavier on the tail side, add some weight to the front to balance it out.

Electronic speed controller i use my home made mosfet esc there are so many circuits on google and i made my own pwm using a ne555 ic (servo tester) to reduce or change the mosfet speed the flip i used was a 12v lead acid battery or 24v.

After everything is done, take a test flight, your esc, pwm and battery will be in hand, then your coax heli will have enough power to fly. Enjoy your flight and save…

Build Your Own Toy Helicopter

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Categories: politics (1) business cars (1) jobs (1) career education (1) romance computers phones travel sports fashion health Flying an RC helicopter is really quite exciting. Their versatility gives the RC pilot full access to 3D space in a way that no other machine can! I’ve been playing the RC helicopter for over a year now, but I still feel like I’ve only just learned a few tricks it can do.

There are generally two micro-helicopters (indoors) on the RC market. I was already planning to buy one of these because they can fly around the living room and even fly into our hand. Unlike gas-powered ones, these electric helicopters are very clean and don’t make terrible noise. One night I visited a website that talked about how to build a DIY RC helicopter. I was totally impressed and started designing my own helicopter. Here is my helicopter:

The helicopter design is finally complete. Not very well drawn. The currently available plan is only for the stable ground study. Click on the photo above for the design.

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A few weeks after completing the first model, as I described above, I began to focus on the flybarless rotor head. The reason for this modification is very simple. Just to have more stability, especially when descending. The tail rotor components from the Concept EP can be converted to a common rotor head for my helicopter. However, the tail rotor hub is a bit heavy and large. So I decided to make one out of fiberglass. Just click on the photo for collective gradient modification without flybar I.

This first attempt was actually unsuccessful due to the lack of a test silencer. It was even worse, the plate disintegrated during the flight test because the rotor disc is very unstable. I ignore its significance for the circular response in the beginning and it was doomed to failure. This is my second attempt: (click on the photo below for details)

I bought the Hornet CP upgrade a few weeks ago for my helicopter but haven’t had time to build it. I also want to control a helicopter with my JR3810 Tx that does not have a CCPM 3 90 degree servo. Therefore, the servo layout must be changed to use the available CCPM 3 120 degree servo. BTW, I just bought a Hacker B20-31 for the CP hornet rotor system. How this combination works … coming soon!

Build Your Own Toy Helicopter

There was a time when many people tried to modify the CD-Rom engine. Some with great results, while some fail completely. I finally got into the groups testing these tiny brushless motors for the hobby. To me, the power of these brushless motors is truly amazing compared to this massive 300 speed brushed motor. Just click on the photo below for more information:

Police Helicopter M38 B0823

Two new pages have just been uploaded. One is about making your own blade, while the other is about lithium cells. Also added a circuit diagram to the “electronics” page.

Have you ever thought about building an aerial video system? Yes, it is also possible for a closed helicopter. Click here for details.

If you don’t know anything about R/C helicopter, here is the first step that will guide you to understand it better.

This is a really great song composed, written and sung by a talented young man named Wilson Lee. You will surely enjoy it!

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Feel free to contact me if you have any problems or if you want to give me some advice. A: To become an engineer in the near future. Car enthusiast. He likes to make and break things! More about the dosimeter »

I had an old remote control helicopter at home that lost its balance a while ago. It would swing violently, then hit the wall and fall to the floor. The thing was really cheap

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