Build Your Own Toy Box

Build Your Own Toy Box – Last week I shared a DIY floating shelf in Aiden’s new room, and today I’m sharing a toy box I made to go under it. That ugly corner of her room is now my favorite. I can’t wait to show you the finished product.

I knew that the toy box would be the most practical place in the back corner and would be the perfect place to store (aka throw away and hide) all my toys. I’ve never done it before, so I wanted something that would be super easy to build, but I couldn’t find any plans on my go-to plan site, Shanty-2-chic. So, for the first time, I can honestly say that I made these plans myself. So let’s go.

Build Your Own Toy Box

Build Your Own Toy Box

Six regular 1x6x8 boards, one 2x3x8 board, four 1x3x8 pine boards, and quarter-inch plywood. Use your favorite handle and these gas tools to gently close the open lid. Screws and nails!

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I used a standard 1×6 board for the entire frame of the box and attached four 2×3s using them as “spaces” on the inside corners of the box. The dimensions of the board were determined based on the correct opening in the corner so that it could fit properly there. It was 47.5 inches wide, 21 inches deep, and 22 inches tall.

I created the box by carving a board directly from the 2×3 using 1 1/4 inch spax screws. I drilled the hole directly in the front because I intended to cover it with the pattern shown below.

This is what the inside of the box looks like. I tried to put it in the corner. It never went down at all. I opened it on the carpet because a) I don’t feel like it makes a lot of noise when the toy hits the bottom of the tree, and b) I’m lazy. But most of the time it is option b. That’s exactly what was in the box itself. It’s very simple, nothing fancy.

Here is the front trim piece that I cut and nailed to give it a more finished look. I used a 1×3 pine board and cut it at a 45 degree angle. I nailed it to the front using 1 1/4 brad nails. Pofjoeq Kids Tool Bench With Realistic Tools And Electric Drill, Transformable Kids Tool Set, Build Your Own Toy Tool Box 90pc Realistic Toy Tools And Accessories

To make the lid, I used quarter-inch plywood and the same 1×3 pine board for trim. I nailed the plywood from the bottom of the lid to the trim piece using 3/4 inch nails.

Here is the finished cover. I wanted it to be as light as possible so Aiden could lift it easily.

I bought some standard hinges from Lowe’s and used them to attach the lid to the box. Aiden helped me 🙂 And it’s free! Overall!

Build Your Own Toy Box

I stained the whole thing with Minwax Special Walnut (to match her DIY bed and floating shelves) and that was it. Seriously super easy.

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The spring, which slowly closed and opened, was the most difficult part of the whole building. It’s hard to get it in the right place, so I drilled a dozen holes in the side of the toy box to get it in the right place. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

And here it is uploaded! What do you think of my DIY toy box? Comment below and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your feedback! Today’s project is a toy box. Last summer, my son, who is 6 years old, asked for a toy box. One day we went out to do it. It’s a quick project. You can do it in the afternoon.

It all started with the Berenstain Bear book. We got it from the library. My daughter was impressed with the toy box her father made to help the children keep their rooms tidy. He had to have his own. I happened to have some 1X10s in my garage from another project. So, a few weeks later, I made both girls their own toy boxes.

Note: This DIY was originally posted on 4-30-15. My 6 year old is now 13 years old! It is true that time flies.

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I like to cut the pieces, I take the exact measurements of the box to find the perfect fit. This is especially important for the last piece in the cut list.

Make sure you sand the parts well before assembling. Washing the corners of a finished box is much more difficult than a flat tree.

First, grab two 22-inch 1X10 pieces. Place one on top of the other at the edges. Apply a generous amount of wood glue and secure with nails from underneath. This is best done with two people to keep it square.

Build Your Own Toy Box

A note about wood glue: Use the right amount. Glue is what holds the boards together. Simply hold the nails in place until the glue dries. Be sure to use a damp paper towel to wipe off any wet glue you squeeze out. The glue is very difficult to sand after it dries.

How To Make A Toy Box

Attach the 10 inch 1X10 to the end using wood glue and a nail gun.

Next, measure the bottom and top of the front box. Use these measurements to cut the front of the box. The size should be close to 22 inches, but the dimensions may vary depending on the square footage of your box.

Place the 6-inch 1X2 over the 1X4 and nail it in place using wood glue. This will be inside the lid.

Then, fill the nail holes with wood putty if necessary. I filled the holes in the painted box, but not this box. If you want to paint the toy box, we recommend doing so before adding the hinges. I painted one box and left the other natural wood. I can protect the wood by applying lacquer, but I haven’t done that yet.

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I decided to put doll clothes on this. I have recently been looking for baby clothes and newborn dresses to add to my collection of doll clothes. The toy box is almost full. Today Colin will show you how to make a DIY toy box. With these dimensions, it fits perfectly into the bottom of a twin bed. Keep in mind that for those who don’t have the tools for this complete project, you can simulate this look using the following command:

If you want to make a toy box easy (but DIY!), check out the links for Storage Chests and Wooden Letters.

First, cut two boards 4 inches wide by 36.5 inches long and drill two pocket holes on each side of the board, as shown in the first photo above. Next, cut two 1 3/4 inch dowels to 23 1/8 inches long. Attach the 4-inch wide boards to the square dowels using wood glue and pocket-hole screws as shown above. Leave 2 inches of free space at the bottom. The front frame of the toy box is now complete. Repeat these steps exactly to make the back of the toy box.

Build Your Own Toy Box

Then, cut four boards four inches wide to 12 1/2-inches long, drill two pocket holes on each side, and attach to the back frame piece with wood glue and pocket screws, joined with another inch- 4. Masu boards. Make sides. Take the front frame section and attach it to four 4-inch side boards to complete the entire frame of the toy box. Then, measure the inside of each side of the toy box, cut a piece of 1/4-inch plywood to fit each side, and attach it with wood glue and a nail gun.

How To Build A Toy Box

Open the toy box, measure the inside width of the toy box, and cut three 4-inch boards to that length. Drill pocket holes on both sides and mount the flush through the bottom of the box wall. This will create support inside the bottom of the box. Place the box upside down on a piece of 1/4 inch plywood and use a pencil to draw a shape on the inside of the box. You should be able to cut the shape you want, turn the box over, and place a piece of plywood on the bottom of the box. Attach by hammering nails into the backing board placed below using glue and a nail gun.

Cut a piece of 1/2-inch plywood to 40 1/2 inches by 16 1/2 inches for the toy box lid. This will create a 1/2 inch over inch on each side. Then, take the outer corner of the molding and cut 4 pieces on each side of the lid at a miter angle of 45 and stick with wood glue and a nail gun.

Finally, attach the lid using the hinge and hinge to support the lid. Glue letters if necessary and seal cracks or gaps if painted.

I am so excited to see this treasure filled treasure as the girls grow. We also keep in mind that you can always paint it as it is.

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