Build Your Own Mini Figure

Build Your Own Mini Figure – Today, The LEGO Group is bringing one of its most popular in-store experiences to its official online store. It’s been a while since builders have been able to go to retail stores and make their own brick-and-mortar character, and now LEGO is giving its Build Minifigure service the online treatment with the release of a new beta program.

If you’ve visited any retail LEGO store, you’ve probably had or enjoyed the experience of building a miniature brick-and-mortar structure. So, while today’s new addition to the official LEGO website is a new opportunity for online stores, it’s as tried and true as we’ve seen from the company.

Build Your Own Mini Figure

Build Your Own Mini Figure

As for the online beta release, there are other things. For starters, the new Minifigure Build mode will only be available in Europe and Asia. There’s no word yet on whether limited residents will continue during the service’s beta or if it will go to the US and other parts of the world when it officially launches.

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Then there are accessories and actual parts for each individual character. Today, the actual collection is limited to what you will find in the store. There’s a good amount of heads, hair, torsos, and even a pair of legs, but you won’t find a better or weirder brick in the past at retail. Accessories are also quite rare, but there are some interesting additions such as a dachshund dog and others.

One of the perks in the Minifigure Build shop was the ability to create an entire figure and assemble a collection of identical parts. So if you wanted 15 shields or the same piece, most shops would look the other way. Minifigure Building Online, on the other hand, will require you to choose one of each element.

The price here is also slightly different. Official government costs haven’t been confirmed, but we do know that creating your own image will start at £5.97 per digit. Then if you want to add a smaller size, you can order two more for £1.99 each.

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Build Your Own Mini Figure

There are seven new “official” characters to collect as part of the Q2 2023 Build-a-Minifigure (BAM) selection, down from the 13 characters introduced in Q1 2023.

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I was happy to see these at Build-a-Minifigure stations around Australia, so keep an eye out for when these parts and accessories start making the rounds.

Interestingly, we have the reappearance of the Blue Wizard (he first appeared in the second pick of 2022), which is a nice touch for those who missed him.

If you’re new to this, LEGO releases new (and sometimes exclusive) Minifigure (BAM) stations that you’ll find in LEGO stores. These are usually released quarterly and are a deliberate strategy to attract LEGO and Minifigure fans to the store.

You can customize your little look, choosing a wig/hair, head, torso, legs and one accessory for the 3-pack bundles priced at $9.99 / AU$19.99.

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If you want to get your hands on these, check out your local LEGO store, or if you’re in Australia and can’t get to a LEGO Certified Store, you can order them from the LEGO Certified Store website.

The most interesting character in the Q2 Build Minifigure selection is the Unicorn Knight, decked out in Lion Knight colors. Army builders will be delighted that it comes with Lion Knights (a decorated version of the one worn by Queen Lyon from 10305 Lion Knight Castle).

It also comes with the Épée and Lion Knights kiter shield, which is interesting because you only get one accessory for the BAM, but in this case it seems to allow 2 accessories.

Build Your Own Mini Figure

To me this is because the “single knight” doesn’t come with hair/head, so you get 2 accessories.

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What really sets the Unicorn Knight apart is its sculpted head with flowing hair and fused horns, as well as its armor with a lion emblem on each cheek.

It looks great in every way, with this LEGO Video replica and beautifully detailed print. I think this is a very interesting lead option for creators who want more medieval-fantasy-esque characters.

This isn’t the first LEGO knight with a unicorn theme, as there was the “single guy” from series 18, which was actually a knight called “the unique outfit”, but someone in Billund says he was impressed by the “single and the castle” and they think they go together – I totally agree.

Q2 2023 BAM Expect Unicorn Knight to become really popular and the “following” will decrease from this quarter.

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Then there’s the skeleton heist, which LEGO Pirates fans will love. It’s pretty self-explanatory – the ruined remains of a LEGO pirate are probably left on a deserted island.

He comes with a Pirate Captain hat, a skeleton head and a black Roman Gladius sword. Most interesting is the new body with vest and leather strap.

Then there’s a really funny little look, a short boy in sergeant swim shorts, with a silver fish as an accessory. He has fangs and from the front he looks like a curious boy enjoying a day at the beach. good?

Build Your Own Mini Figure

This little guy is a cute pirate with a rubber duck back tattoo and a pirate mask!

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If the torso looks familiar, that’s because it was previously on the 60333 Bathtub Stunt Bike. It’s one of the coolest torsos LEGO has ever produced and I’m excited that it will be available to build Minifigure stations.

Then there’s another LEGO City ex, the blue ice cream minifigure. The blue ice cream outfit was previously in the 60314 ice cream car chase, and this time it’s a regular mascot character instead of a villain.

The blue ice cream mascot has a simple body and no double face, but comes with a blue popsicle. The Ice Cream Dress is such a fun accessory to put together and I’m sure it will be popular with a younger audience.

For more urban-themed modesty featured in the BAM Q2 2023 selection, this police officer is dressed in a variety of outfits with a hooded border.

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A useful generic feature if you want to add police icons to your LEGO city.

The torso was previously only available in two LEGO City sets, the now-retired 60277 Police Patrol Boat and 60355 Water Police Investigation Missions, so it’s rare.

Last but not least is the gamer girl, a pretty, doe-eyed girl with orange glasses and a white game controller.

Build Your Own Mini Figure

She has an open top with perfectly matching prints on the skirt, which she thinks should be part of the current theme of the video.

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Here’s a look at the final print with a double-sided cover that leaves more imprints on the folded tape, and some edges are barely visible.

I didn’t get the blue witch because I already have it in the 2nd pick of 2022, so I’m going to redo that picture, but instead of the owl, I have to have a dark pink Erlenmeyer bottle as an accessory.

And the LEGO Minifigure (BAM) Q2 2023 selection! Some of these are great, like Unicorn Knight and Pirate Skeleton, but the rest are average.

I love adding little nets like the Bathtub Stunt Bike rider and the Ice Blue outfit, fun new accessories to personalize my miniatures, but you can find them on Bricklink for cheap so don’t feel like you need them. get out and go

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