Books For Reluctant Teenage Readers

Books For Reluctant Teenage Readers – Yes, even (some) middle schoolers appreciate holiday book recommendations. Encourage your middle schoolers to read with this list of accessible titles for teens. Or surprise your teen with a partner when they get to the beach and are bored!

Here’s an adrenaline-filled read for action-loving kids. In Tracers, a teenage bike messenger named Cam travels around New York City, trying to avoid running into a Chinese gang. Along the way, Cam meets a girl named Nikki. He introduced her to parkour, a form of running, jumping, climbing and swinging through urban obstacles. Tracers was also released as a film. Children may like to compare and contrast books and movies.

Books For Reluctant Teenage Readers

Books For Reluctant Teenage Readers

This short collection of poems reveals what it was like to grow up as a young African American woman in the 1960s and 1970s. Woodson’s autobiographical poetry shines with love for his family. It also sheds light on the inequality of the Jim Crow era. Brown Girl Dreaming won several awards, so it may be given class reading in years to come. But its rich language and strong emotions may attract teenage readers to enjoy it now. This is especially true for children who like to escape to another life.

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Can your mom force you to be a superhero? That’s what Hank Chu found. Hank, a Chinese-American teenager in 1940, refuses to confront the neighborhood bullies who threaten his family’s grocery store. But as the masked Green Turtle, he may have the confidence to protect his family and fight back. Comic book fans may like that The Shadow Hero is a modern graphic novel series that has the look of old comics.

Jake has a secret ability. When you hold something that belongs to someone else, you can track it, wherever they are. Once the government finds out about Jake’s powers, they insist that he use his abilities to find criminals. In this spy novel, Jake must decide how far he is willing to risk his own safety to protect and help others. Tunnel Vision has enough elements of sci-fi and romance to make it the perfect summer thriller for boys and girls.

Harriet is 15 years old and very clumsy, but she is also beautiful. Is it beautiful? When she reluctantly accompanies her best friend Nat to an open modeling call, it is Harriet who is found. Now Harriet has to figure out how to save their friendship while improving her unlikely career. Geek Girl is a light and bubbly read that will appeal to any teen who has ever imagined meeting.

Things aren’t looking so good for 17-year-old Josh. He wants to be a heavy metal guitarist. And he and his friends wish they had girlfriends. But the usual obstacles of adolescence, such as overbearing parents and low self-esteem, stood in the way. Told in diary style, Half My Facebook Friends Are Ferrets is a laugh-out-loud read, especially for younger high school students.

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Fun fact: I drool so much at night that I’m considering hiring a lifeguard to watch over me while I sleep. So says teen author Shane Burcaw in his laugh-to-cry memoir, Laughing at My Nightmare. Burcaw lives with a life-threatening illness. He describes honestly how his spinal muscular atrophy has complicated his daily life. He describes how he attended high school and college, found a girlfriend, and founded a non-profit organization. His words are inspiring without being cheesy. They will stick with readers who understand hardship for a long, long time.

Lexi Walters Wright is the former community manager for . As a writer and editor, she helps parents make more informed decisions for their children and themselves.

Ginny Osewalt is a dual-certified elementary education and special education teacher with over 15 years of experience in general education, admissions, resource rooms, and self-contained settings. The key to attracting reluctant teenage readers is to find books that are interesting and accessible. Below are some books that cover topics of interest to teenagers, but are written at a lower reading level.

Books For Reluctant Teenage Readers

This is one of many books called “hi-lo.” That’s the nickname for stories and books that cover topics of particular interest to teenagers reading below grade level. A Boy Called Twister delves into Kevin’s life as he deals with being the new boy in high school. This book is about bullying, high school sports, and big family secrets. Although some of the themes are raunchy, the story offers a good moral. This book and others from Saddleback Educational Publishing are designed to be accessible to reluctant readers, in format and topic.

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Seven is a collection of seven books about seven teenagers whose grandfather dies and leaves them a mysterious note. Each book follows a cousin as he tries to complete the tasks outlined in his grandfather’s will. These books are full of action, making them a great choice for reluctant teenage readers, especially boys. Another big selling point of this hi-lo series from Orca Book Publishers is that each book is written by a different author. The books have different writing styles and can be read in any order. Your teen might love choosing which one to read next!

Jacob and the Bee Man tells the story of a high school senior who is caught committing a petty crime. This leads to an unusual punishment that helps him discover a new set of possibilities for himself in the most unexpected way. The book is written in very simple language and Jacob is someone the reader can relate to and root for. Visit Story Sharing to see these and other free stories. (Author’s note: I run this nonprofit literacy center, which generates and distributes relevant and accessible content for struggling teenage readers.) Story Sharing also has a free audio version so readers can listen to the words they see on the screen.

This book may be reminiscent of The Hunger Games, but the writing may be more accessible to teenagers reading below grade level. Cassia lives in a society where individuals cannot make their own decisions. When the official program matches her with the boy who will be her lifelong partner, there is a problem with the computer. The screen shows his best friend’s face, but associates him with another man. Cassia discovers that she has many questions: her society, her future, and her forbidden love. Matched is both romance and adventure.

At just under 60 pages, Bully is another great Story Share option for reluctant readers. Short chapters and lots of photos help make it more accessible. Bullies may be of particular interest to teenage girls because it provides a realistic and unique take on a topic that most of them know well. The story follows Holly, a high school bully who spends her days angry and isolated. When she finds a strange ring in her front yard, she ends up in an unlikely relationship…and her perspective begins to change.

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A Matter of Trust is part of the Bluford series, which takes place within the city and follows the lives and problems of the students of Bluford High. The books get “real” with older teens and the problems they may face. If you are uncomfortable with topics involving violence and substance abuse, proceed with caution. But teenagers who had previously given up reading tend to be hooked when they try one of these page-turning books.

Calamities is part of a best-selling critical reading series. This non-fiction text is a good choice for readers who prefer fact to fiction. The books are visually appealing and cover interesting real-life topics. This book includes “21 catastrophic events that affected the world.” Other titles in the series include Daredevils and Aliens and UFOS. These books include critical thinking questions that serve as guides to interact more deeply with the text.

A classic first published in 1967, The Outsiders has stood the test of time with high school students. It follows the life of Ponyboy, a teenager growing up in the Midwest. A little slow to start. But if readers persevere, they will be drawn in and find themselves rooting for Ponyboy and his friends as they deal with group feuds, fires, and loss.

Books For Reluctant Teenage Readers

Holocaust tells the stories of Holocaust survivors in an unconventional and highly visual way. It borrows from a popular format called a graphic novel. This Saddleback book has lots of stylish images that will appeal to reluctant readers. Holocaust deals with heavy topics using very simple language. It is designed specifically for struggling teenage readers.

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Louise Baigelman, MEd is the CEO of Story Shares, which distributes high-quality stories for early teenage and adult readers. Please welcome author Jim Westcott, who is also a literacy expert. Today, she shares her favorite young adult books with struggling teenage readers. These books are high interest books with a lower reading level to appeal to reluctant teenage readers, both boys and girls.

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