Best Way To Start A Hinge Conversation

Best Way To Start A Hinge Conversation – A good way to start a conversation on Hinge is to respond to a woman’s answers to Hinge questions, praise something about her information, and be a little bold. If a woman doesn’t answer questions, look at her pictures or ask a fun personality question.

This article looks at how to start a conversation with women on Hing. For an overview of the Hinge app itself, visit my blog post How to Use the Hinge Dating App to Meet Women. I cover how to set up your profile on Hinge and the features of the app.

Best Way To Start A Hinge Conversation

Best Way To Start A Hinge Conversation

The purpose of your first message is to start a conversation. that’s it. Nothing more. Don’t be cute, show failure (“Hello,” “Hey,” “How are you”), or use corny lines.

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The best way to start a conversation with a woman on Hing is to ask open-ended questions. His bio and personality questions should be your main goal in breaking the ice. However, there are other useful methods. Here are 5 conversation starters I use at Hinge.

Before you start sending messages, make sure you put some effort into your bio. Don’t use bad pictures or answer questions on Hinge with one or two words.

The effort you put into your profile shows women that you are serious about meeting someone. Hinge says 57% of women don’t respond to men’s messages because they “check the person’s profile…”

For photo tips, visit my blog post on How to Take Great Boyfriend Photos. I recommend avoiding answering your Hinge bio questions with one-word answers like:

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You should have a bio with good photos and answer questions with humor and confidence. Putting effort into your answers to personality questions will set you apart from most men who don’t share anything about themselves.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your resume. A well-designed bio ensures that women like you first (which is a good thing), message you first (even better), or respond to your first message.

I recommend replying to pictures only when a woman doesn’t answer any questions or only answers one or two questions on Hinge. Starting a conversation like this is difficult, but not impossible (more on that later).

Best Way To Start A Hinge Conversation

A good way to start a conversation on Hing is to look at women’s responses. Use a friendly and positive approach to your message and you’ll be fine.

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When asking a woman a question, a good way to open a message is to include an answer to your question. For example, if you notice that a woman likes to travel, ask her about her future plans and include yours. I find that doing this increases responses because you are showing women that you have something in common and giving you insight into yourself.

Here is an example of what I mean. The woman below shares how she enjoys “drinking.” I focus on what he mentioned about alcohol in my first message.

I ask the woman below what her favorite drinks are and share my favorite; Red wine and whiskey. I get very good from talking on all dating sites and asking women what they like to drink and, and it works perfectly.

In this example, the woman shares that she is “free to eat strange foods.” I also like a variety of foods, so it’s easy for me. I focus on this as a way to start a conversation.

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I’ll ask this woman what she means by “foreign food” as I share my favorites. Remember, every time you ask a woman a question, share your answer to the question.

A woman does not answer with one or two words; He gives me all kinds of food that he likes. So, my first message does its job; They start talking.

In the following example, the woman shares how she pours ketchup on her eggs. Don’t insult the person even if it hurts him a lot. Have fun with it and use a friendly approach in your message.

Best Way To Start A Hinge Conversation

I tell the lady that there is nothing wrong with putting ketchup on her eggs (which I don’t) and I share mine; Frank’s soup. I follow up by asking her how much ketchup she puts in her eggs.

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It is not a deep message or knowledge. After all, this is Hing, and the way his answer to the question “I don’t have to hate myself” gives me a good opportunity to start a conversation.

Everything a woman shares in her bio is good game to start a conversation…except her looks. Don’t compliment women on their looks!

Women, especially blondes, get a lot of messages from men telling them how beautiful they are. Even if you are honest, if you admire a woman’s appearance, she will bring you in with all the other people. You cannot be identified this way.

The best way is to compliment the answer on the woman’s profile. In this first example, a woman shares, “Life is an exciting journey.” I zero in on this comment to start a conversation.

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I tell the woman how much I “love” her ideas. It’s a simple compliment, followed by asking if he’s been on any events lately. What’s next? The woman answers.

In the following example, I decided to ask this woman about a comment she shared where she likes to “do.” Like all dating sites, I look for similar things to the woman and bring them up to start a conversation. Exercising and living an active lifestyle are my passions.

I admire her for being active; I don’t appreciate her looks (although she is beautiful). I follow up my compliments by asking her how she stays active, and I share a few things I do to stay healthy.

Best Way To Start A Hinge Conversation

Here’s how I deal with a fun quote about keeping my “sex drive” alive. Obviously, the smiley face is a good way to show that I’m not serious, I’m just laughing. And what do you think? The woman is answering my message. The discussion has begun!

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I can’t tell you how many women can give answers similar to the ones below. 90% of internet users seem to enjoy happy hour and Netflix. Although many women share this in their profiles, it is an easy way to start a conversation.

A good way to start the conversation is to look for signs that the woman is an alcoholic.

I ask the woman what she likes to drink as she shares mine, but this time I add a sweet note describing myself as “the most beautiful person.” it’s working. The woman answers.

I’ll tell you one thing, asking a woman what her favorite drink is is an opening message because most will answer. Remember, share the answer to the question you ask in your ice breaker.

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In this example, I use the woman’s answer to the question “travel tips” and inject confidence and humor into my message, and she responds. I mean “a very nice, educated and sexist person”. Sure, but it works.

Sometimes women answer their slanted questions with one or two words which makes it difficult to start a conversation. In this case, the best way to start a conversation on Hingle is to comment on their photos, especially if they have a dog.

In this first example, the woman first liked my profile and after reading her bio, she didn’t share much, but I saw a picture of her with the dogs. I am a dog owner, so this is an easy way to start a conversation. I ask what his dog’s name is and share that I have a dog.

Best Way To Start A Hinge Conversation

This message works! The woman replied that only one dog is hers. They also ask me if I’m average (I am), probably because a lot of men go to San Diego and use Hinge for sex or romance when they’re here for work or vacation.

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In this example, the woman has nothing in her life. However, I saw his dog in one of his pictures. I comment on his dog photobombing his picture. I ask what kind of dog they have, along with sharing a little about my dog.

Again, the message works. The woman shares her dog’s breed and my intention to start a conversation is successful.

What if there is no dog in the picture? Simple! Anything that sparks a conversation is fair game. When you see a pub, ask what they are drinking. If you see him walking down the street, ask him where he got on. No matter what photo you comment on, be positive and friendly and you’ll be fine.

In this last example, there is a picture of the woman in the overhead bin of the plane. This picture looks like a basketball game. I’m sure they have many messages based on this, but I’ll choose my first message.

Best Ways To Start A Conversation With The Hinge Prompt ‘you Should Leave A Comment If’

I say how the picture looks like he’s on a wet bed and he responds. I didn’t think much of it, or “hi” or “how are you?” I looked at the picture

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