Best Books For Beginning Readers

Best Books For Beginning Readers – Reading books has been a timeless source of entertainment and education that has continued despite the tremendous technological advancements of recent decades that have introduced more forms of entertainment than can be counted. However, the books still managed to retain the magical ability to teleport you across time zones, through seasons! They’re also still the dumbest way to experience any language, from vocabulary to colloquialisms. Whether you’re a beginner reader or a non-native English speaker, we’ve put together a fun list of books in English – easy to read and engaging, our top 20 novels and books for beginners will have you flipping through the cracks to the next page.

He is the narrator, the heir of Mewar, who questions the codes, conventions and basic assumptions of the feudal world of which he is a part. A quintessential Indian story,

Best Books For Beginning Readers

Best Books For Beginning Readers

It’s a tale of two indies. Balram’s journey from the darkness of village life to the light of business success is extremely immoral, irreverent, deeply endearing and utterly unforgettable.

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A story full of anxiety about money and power, luxury and deprivation. a rich tapestry of unforgettable characters including Mumbai itself,

Opens the hearts and minds of the inhabitants of the big city – ordinary people who are in an unknown place.

“Eleven Minutes” is the masterpiece of Brazilian bestselling author Paulo Coelho. A global phenomenon, the magical fable has been read and loved by more than 62 million readers, topping the bestseller lists in 74 countries.

Paulo Coelho deals with complex and taboo issues of sexual awakening, love and their combination. The point of this book is how well physical desire and platonic love can be contained in a relationship.

Best Books For People Who Want To Start Reading

The story of one man’s determination to survive and live a fulfilling life with the woman he loved brings out the best in humanity in the worst of circumstances. Heather Morris’s impressive book is based on one of the most powerful symbols of the Holocaust – the blue numbers tattooed on the hands of prisoners.

A simple act of kindness is about to tear down the walls Eleanor has built around herself. Now she must learn to navigate a world that everyone else seems to take for granted, finding the courage to face the dark corners she’s avoided all her life.

Written by Rehana Munir, a talented writer and columnist, Paper Moon is contemporary fiction done right. The story will draw you in with its unique, easy storytelling style and Rehana’s ability to create compelling and relatable characters.

Best Books For Beginning Readers

Is a brutal satire on class, love, relationships and our worship of science. The story of a man who begins a secret game, weaves an outrageous fiction around his ten-year-old son, setting in motion a chain of events that soon threatens to catch up with him. Netflix Movie Now!

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The story of an IAF officer, Ishaan Fajdaar, who falls in love with Tehmina, which makes him question the very concept of nationalism. Throbbing with love, laughter and courage,

It is the hilarious story of Ravana, a Maratha Hindu, and Eddie, a Roman Catholic, who grow up to adolescence on different floors of CWD Chawl No 17 in Mumbai in the decade immediately after independence. This cult classic, first published in 1994, is now being reissued for a new generation of readers.

, Madhuri Vijay provides a powerful critique of Indian politics and class prejudice through the lens of a treacherous outsider, while offering a profound meditation on grief, guilt, and the limits of compassion.

Nikhil Arya fell. He was once an Ivy League scientist with a promising future at NASA. Now in his forties, he’s broke, homeless, and a few minutes away from blowing his brains out in the diabolical modern race. He prepares for the final act, knowing that even if he wins, he will lose. Or will it?

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Can you count on crazy twenty-somethings to get their lives back on track? Or should their conservative parents untangle them with modern means? Is there really such a thing as a match made in heaven?

Samrat’s roller-coaster ride begins at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Bangalore, where he spends his time high on marijuana, while his grades – and his confidence – plummet. Will Samrat – Yale stalwart, investment banker, convict, villain – survive his downfall?

Twelve years have passed since Happy MP, Raamji and Ravin graduated from school. In family life, they understand that none of them had a bachelor before the wedding. But it’s never too late to make things right… Bestselling author Ravinder Singh returns with his friends in a fun, touching story of friendship and adventure.

Best Books For Beginning Readers

When Andy – an eighteen-year-old from a small town with a huge inferiority complex – gets the chance to study medicine in big, bad Mumbai, he’s over the moon. But just when life is starting to look good, tragedy strikes and Andy is thrown into an emotional vortex in which he must fight to find meaning.

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Incredibly irreverent and laugh-out-loud funny, Almost Single is a delightful journey through a five-star world of champagne brunches, gay parties and the dilemmas of trendy young women looking for love and marriage.

Tara is living a happy life in the biggest city with her loving husband Abhimanyu, at the peak of her career and in the apple of her parents’ eyes – so far the 30s are looking great! Until she finds out she’s pregnant, and suddenly that perfect peace is shattered. An irreverent, honest and funny journey into (accidental) parenthood!

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Best Books For Beginning Readers

Reading books was an unlimited source of entertainment and education. Books have the magical ability to teleport you across time zones and eras. It’s a surefire way to gain a great understanding of any language, from vocabulary to colloquial expressions.

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So, if you’re a beginner reader and want to brush up on your reading skills, we recommend reading these top ten novels for beginners that are complete classics, yet easy to read and understand.

The novel offers a darkly hilarious look at India’s class struggle in a globalized world through the flashback story of a village child, Balra Halwai. The story examines Hinduism, caste, faith, corruption and poverty in India.

The Alcheist is a classic novel in which young Santiago goes on a treasure hunt in the Egyptian pyramids after recurring fears about it. Along the way, he eats a gypsy, falls in love, and most of all, learns the true value of his personality and how to improve himself and focus on what is truly at stake in life.

One Day Life Will Change by Saranya Whakantan is a novel about finding inspiration when you least expect it. Everyone has ups and downs, but it is during the downs that we learn, grow and become healthy and intelligent people.

In ‘beginners,’ A Writer Takes Up Chess And Surfing And Singing And Juggling And …

The story follows Draupadi from her incredible help as a royal daughter to her poised status as a lady with five husbands tricked out of their father’s country.

Sita, an illustrated story of Rayana, is an epic tale based on the life of India’s famous prince Rao and his wife Sita. The author emphasizes that Sita, depicted as a modest heroine, was a lady of immense power. The author depicted Sita’s childhood

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