Best Book Series For Young Readers

Best Book Series For Young Readers – In today’s post: Here are the best book series for 8-12 year olds. If you’re a casual reader, a great series is like magic! Once you find one that your child likes, they will want to start the next one as soon as they finish the first one. The series is also great for avid readers, so they always have another book to start!

Some of these series are old favorites, some are books that my own children loved during their elementary school years, and some are new books that have just come out. If you have a great recommendation for this age group, please leave a comment to let us all know!

Best Book Series For Young Readers

Best Book Series For Young Readers

Note: All the titles in this post are linked to Amazon so you can easily find these books if you want to buy them (affiliate links). But don’t forget to check these books out at your local library. Many libraries have summer reading programs to encourage children to read.

Best Chapter Books For Young Readers

Each book in this series is a collection of fictional stories by Gail Carson Levine, author of Ella Enchanted. Readers can expect a fun and funny new twist on familiar princess stories. Grades 3-5.

When Ben is sent to a small town to live with his grandfather, he expects his summer to be boring. Instead, he finds a veterinary clinic for imaginary creatures and rescues a stray sasquatch with the most accident-prone girl in town. Expect plenty of magical creatures, adventure and laughter. Grades 3-5

A beautiful modern classic about four motherless sisters, their absent professor father, and their exploits and actions. This is one of my favorite children’s book series because it’s light, warm, and just plain fun. Grades 3-6.

Ordinary teenager Murph accidentally enters a secret school for superheroes. At first, he feels out of place, but his unique attitude, quick wit, and good humor are what his classmates need as they fight against the various birds. Grades 3-6

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This non-fiction series is engaging, informative and easy to read. There is something for everyone, whether they are interested in Harriet Tubman, Mister Rogers, The World Series, Mount Everest, or Disney World. Grades 3-6

When Sleeping Beauty snaps her finger, the whole kingdom falls asleep—except for her little sister Annie. Thanks to a fairy gift at birth, Annie can’t handle magic, and now it’s up to her to save the kingdom. Grades 3-6

When characters from the books start appearing in her grandparents’ bookstore, Tillie realizes that they may hold the key to solving the mystery of her mother’s disappearance. Can she face her fears and find answers between the pages of her beloved book? Grades 3-7

Best Book Series For Young Readers

Mika wants a miracle, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it. But the miracle he was looking for? A beautiful series about hope, loss, and the power of magic, miracles, and friendship. Grades 3-7

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Jordan is a middle school artist trying to find his place among the minority at his new private school in NYC. These graphic novels highlight important issues of privilege, racism and prejudice in an accessible, engaging and entertaining way. Grades 3-7

Based on the author’s true stories, these graphic novels follow Raina as she navigates anxiety, family changes, a cross-country road trip, dating, and the joys and struggles of middle school. Grades 3-7

The series follows five siblings living in Harlem as they work together to save their home, their mother’s bakery, and help their neighbors. Looking for cute, wholesome, heartwarming stories about family love, community involvement, and more. Grades 3-7

Emily likes to play Book Scavenger, a game where people leave clues, codes and puzzles that lead to hidden books. But when the game’s creator is attacked, Emily and her friend James must fight the situation to save him. Full of adventure, friendship, and book references. Grades 3-7

Best Dragon Book Series For Kids

Older brother JD is known around town as the “Great Brain” because he is always helping the other kids with his work or giving them his prized possessions. Set in Utah in the early 1900s, this book series is full of adventure and mischief and lots of fun! Grades 3-6.

When 12-year-olds are locked in the “best library in the world,” they race against time (and each other) to use the library, solve clues, and find hidden escapes, a feat of first get an hour. award Grades 3-7

Ace discovers a gene and is given unlimited wishes, along with a task to save the universe. Unfortunately, each of his wishes comes with a unique (and often hilarious) result. Can he succeed in his task before the outcome gets the best of him? Fast-paced, funny and exciting. Grades 3-7

Best Book Series For Young Readers

Every Tuesday, the castle changes: adding a new room or hall or a whole wing, and Princess Celia is the only one who keeps an eye. When her parents go missing, will she use her knowledge of every corner and every tree in the castle to find them? Grades 3-6.

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When Charlie starts hearing voices, he thinks he’s going crazy, but he’s not: he can hear the voices of the people in the pictures. His extraordinary power brings him into an elite school for magical gifts. Grades 3-7.

Maggie’s father can bring books to life – literally. When he reads aloud from a book called Inkheart, monsters appear in his life, and Maggie’s mother gets caught up in them. A series of great books for children for free. Grades 3-7.

On his 13th birthday, Alcatraz receives a bag of sand from his long-lost parents, and the next day his grandfather comes to tell him why sand is important and how he can help defeat the evil librarian. over the association. A great series of books for grades 3-7.

In the world of Ardas, every 11-year-old must discover that he has a spirit animal, a bond between man and animal that brings great power. Four children and their animals must work together to save the world. Grades 3-7.

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Four kids compete to see who can make the prettiest new candy. Full of mystery, oral reports, friendship, and plenty of plot twists. It will leave you craving more! Grades 3-7

The series follows the lives of the Beaumont family, each of whom develops a special skill, or “intelligence” on their 13th birthday. Learning to “collect” their skills leads to wonder, adventure, adventure and self-discovery. Heartwarming and laugh out loud funny, this is a series everyone will love! Grades 3-7

A high-flying fantasy series! The seven dragon clans have been at war for twenty years. Will the five dragons fulfill the prophecy and finally restore peace? Grades 3-7

Best Book Series For Young Readers

When Emily meets a pegasus that has been destroyed during a storm, she is thrown into a battle between the Roman gods and stone warriors. She ends up on a quest to save Mount Olympus. Grades 4-6.

Best Books To Read For Beginners And Reluctant Readers Ever!

Septimus Heap disappears the night he is born, and his father brings home an abandoned child the same day. The sheep claim the girl as theirs, but who is she really, and what happened to Septimus? Grades 4-7.

When Sophie discovers she is an elf living in a human world, her life is changed. Now living in lost cities, surrounded by magical creatures she never knew existed, she is faced with the reality that the world of Twelve is not as perfect as it seems. This series is full of adventure, funny characters and suspense. Grades 4-8

As a ‘cursed child’, Morrigan Crowe is expected to die on her eleventh birthday. Instead, she escapes to a magical city where she must pass a dangerous test and be admitted to a secret society or be sent to her fiance. Fun, interesting, funny and suspenseful. Perfect for Harry Potter fans. Grades 4-8

This fantasy series follows the orphaned sage as he ascends the throne of Carthia. There’s plenty of intrigue, adventure and twists as he confronts his past, confronts his enemies, and discovers who people can (and can’t) do. Grades 4-8

Best Kindness Books For Kids, As Recommended By Teachers

When Kenda and Seth visit their grandparents’ house, they don’t know that they are guardians of a shelter of magical creatures. They soon have to face their own fears (along with trolls, imps, fairies, witches, and more) to restore order and save their families. Grades 4-8

Thanks to the new technology, five teenagers are transformed into holograms to guide people through Walt Disney World. When Disney villains appear to threaten the park, the youngsters must figure out how to save the Magic Kingdom. Grades 4-8.

Four bored children tear through an old yard to a magical land in the middle of an eternal winter. Can they save the friends they make from the witches who rule the land? This classic series has lost none of its appeal. Grades 4-8.

Best Book Series For Young Readers

Percy has always been in trouble at school, but now his algebra teacher has changed

Best Chapter Books For Beginning Readers

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