Beginning Of The Year Report Card Comments Kindergarten

Beginning Of The Year Report Card Comments Kindergarten – 1 Assessment Report Card Comments Here and on the next six pages you will find a variety of comments that may be helpful in completing your report card for each semester. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words. This might help you. He speaks very well in front of the language class. Basic skills show good growth. Reading skills have improved significantly. The most powerful work is creative writing. Interest in reading has increased. Good oral reading fluency and comprehension. We are working hard and growing steadily. Improve speed in all areas, especially basic skills Develop good vocabulary Reading, especially vocabulary development Enjoy reading stories and participate in class discussions Use skills in all writing tasks. Reading Period Write imaginative and creative stories. Ask thought-provoking questions. Use your imagination. I try to be accurate. Explain yourself clearly. Understand the information given. Generate new ideas. Communicate accurately. Compare and contrast similar and different things. You can repeat the story in the correct order. It can be read as an expression. The editing process is in progress. You can fix it yourself. #2314 Jumbo Teacher Tips and Time Saver Book 228 Teacher Created Resources, Inc.

2 Assessment Language (continued) Can identify the first and last parts of a story. Uppercase and lowercase letters can be recognized. You can hear the story in the listening post that follows the text of the book. Quiet Reading Time Our Resources Make good use of the library Use text and pictures to make predictions and check Submit extra credit Choose to read or look at a book during free choice Choose to write during free choice Want to go home Stay in the library I am happy to share the book and the article I wrote in class. They recognize frequently used words and make good progress. Confidence and competence are increasing. It is now okay to use approximations to spelling. They are beginning to use beginning and ending sounds to identify words. You are starting to use vowels to write words. Are you using a lot of difficult words? Topics are written in a variety of styles, including friendly letters, factual reports, fictional adaptations, poetry, and novels. Use of periods, capital letters, quotation marks, commas, questions, and apostrophes Passion for writing Passion for speaking in front of groups Teacher Created Resources, Inc. 229 #2314 Jumbo Book of Teacher Tips and Time Savings

Beginning Of The Year Report Card Comments Kindergarten

Beginning Of The Year Report Card Comments Kindergarten

3 Language Arts Assessment (continued) You will learn some traditional spellings. Uses an extensive vocabulary. Use complex sentences when writing. Experiment with different writing styles. You can use correct grammar correctly. Handwriting is a joy to read. Handwriting is very easy to read. Make your writing easier to understand. Learn independent research. Very successful at taking notes. Critical participants in brainstorming sessions Listen and share during discussions and presentations. A good audience can also share the presentation time and analyze the hero’s actions. Vision can analyze the plot of a story. You can compare books by the same author with other books. There are a lot of interesting story ideas. He has well-developed characters in his stories. Good attitude toward books Know the sound of the first conjunction Know the sound of the final conjunction Use the first conjunction in writing Use the final conjunction in writing , re, post, un, in His writing uses a wide vocabulary. He started using his dictionary. Using Proficient Vocabulary #2314 Teacher Tips and Time Savings Jumbo Book 230 Teacher-Created Resources, Inc.

Strong Report Card Comments For Language Arts

4 Language Arts Assessment (continued) The following notes will be helpful when you need to report negative information on your Language Arts report card. They pay some attention to print, but get meaning primarily from pictures. Difficulty recognizing letters of the alphabet. They begin to associate sounds with letters. Has difficulty sitting and listening. Reluctant to speak in front of a group. I get depressed easily. Read your story to the class. When you are hesitant, you want to exchange ideas instead of listening to others. It still makes a lot of twists (characters, words, phrases). Vocabulary is limited. They cannot enjoy books or stories and their eyesight is poor. Vocabulary language development can interfere with proper writing. You don’t want to get close to spelling, you want to be accurate. The story cannot be repeated very accurately. Read the book quickly without paying attention to details. The outcome of a story cannot be predicted with certainty. There are many problems with high-frequency words. Our classroom library does not choose books or writing as leisure activities. She does not edit her work carefully. I don’t want to edit (rewrite or change) my work, but I also don’t want to write or speak in front of the class. Dictionary or resource book Despite repeated instructions, I do not know how to use a dictionary. The written work lacks descriptions/details/various vocabulary. Ideas are less developed in writing. To write more accurately, you need to slow down. You can improve your writing by paying more attention to details. Cursive writing shows that the student is in a hurry. You need to pay attention to grammar rules. I don’t want to write in my journal. Teacher Created Resources, Inc. 231 #2314 Jumbo Book of Teacher Tips and Time Savings

5 Math and Science Assessments When commenting on a student’s report card, use the following phrases to provide positive feedback about your student’s math and science performance. Are you finding math concepts easy to learn? Math/Science is my favorite subject. He has a natural investigative nature. They have a natural sense of order and order that enhances their understanding of mathematics. Interested in science and collectibles Shares many interesting science projects from home. Continue to perform higher level math tasks. He especially enjoys hands-on science experiments. The most powerful work is in science. /math Uses the scientific method for independent research. Choose to solve difficult math problems. Participate in the science corner throughout your free time. I enjoy and engage in math manipulatives in my free time. Very good at sorting and categorizing one-to-one understanding. Understand difficult concepts of division/place value/fraction/decimal. In situations where math and science report cards need to convey less than positive information, the following explanation may be helpful: Is there a problem? You can improve your math speed by spending time doing the multiplication tables every day. You should read it every evening. (It begins like this.) There are many challenges to consider. Development is inconsistent. It might be useful to review. I do not understand the basic math concepts required in this classroom. (I would like to meet with you as soon as possible.) I don’t think you are interested in our Science Program #2314 Teacher Tips and Time Savings Jumbo Book 232 Teacher Created Resources, Inc.

6 Visual Arts Assessment When commenting on a student report card, use the following phrases to provide positive feedback about the student’s performance in the visual arts. Shows good artistic expression. There are some great (creative) ways to use color/design/concept. Very clever use of pastel/clay/oil/paint/chalk. I have a talent for art. Very interesting. You have an eye for detail. Willingness to take risks with new art materials. You can put on paper what other people can imagine. It’s a joy to see talent flourish. That he is an effective communicator is evident in his speeches. Get the best features with sound range and volume. His quick wit makes his cool speeches most enjoyable. It’s nice to watch a character grow on stage. There is poise and elegance on stage. Improvisation/pantomime/oral interpretation is perfect. Handles conversations with ease. He creates moving works of art through dance. The dance is elegant and lively. Music enjoys our time and we join in singing with enthusiasm.

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