A Story About My Life

A Story About My Life – My childhood dream was to become a doctor. In addition, my little friend prayed fervently that she would marry me and go to medical school like me.

My then boyfriend and I had the same education through elementary and middle school until we went to college separately. My dream of studying medicine in college was solidified when I joined a class with some other classmates. Interestingly, my friend was able to get into medical school at a different college.

A Story About My Life

A Story About My Life

During my university life, I have interacted with many different nationalities and built wonderful relationships with them. I advised my friend to follow her respective college together so that we can establish best business relationship with them in future. My future hope is to partner with my future wife to establish a highly successful and entrepreneurial cancer center in Washington, DC.

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I hope that my love for her will lead to the goal of getting married and becoming business partners at the same time. When I was a sophomore in my college education, we both founded the Cancer Cure Foundation in New York City, which we later learned was the best place for entrepreneurial talent and expertise in managing cancer cases. Having such enhancements, we are always invited to deliver a series of motivational speeches in various campuses and colleges.

Additionally, my next goal from that exposure was to set up a clinic in Washington DC during my final year of college. By my final year, I had won some awards for my activities with my girlfriend and as a result, I was privileged to receive government assistance to spread my medical skills to other neighboring states and continents. Similarly, my parents have always given me the moral support I needed from my needs, so I am very impressed. A year later, he graduated from college with honors. My boyfriend got first class honors in medical studies, maintaining the same excellent grades that earned him free government-sponsored scholarships.

I am involved in some medical services to earn some income with the hope of becoming one of the most respected cancer centers in Washington, DC. Basically, because I always get physical and emotional support from my boyfriend. . We have loved each other since childhood, so we have reason to plan our future endeavors.

By then I was engaged, but it was still a bit early to get married at such a young age, however, during my post graduate studies, I chose to pursue the same medical course but my girlfriend at the time chose a new field. Engineering field. During that time, most of the time is always in different places except weekends for relaxing holidays at nearby beaches. The gap between us is marked.

The Story Of My Life

However, we have become very close and our partnership with the Foundation has grown stronger. Besides daily education and business activities, every month we visit different places for leisure. Some of the places we visited included Bangkok; Dubai Mombasa, New York City visited Seoul and London during the four years of engagement. It represents my admiration and love for my childhood “sweetie”. I even bought her a Mercedes Benz to thank her for the time we spent together.

Later in the year, our Cancer Foundation registered massive recognition from various states and as a result we got more sponsors who helped us financially to run smoothly. At the same time, my boyfriend had a specialized engineering company and was also registering good profits. She chose to join an engineering school for a post-graduate education program and was more advantaged than me to handle such engineering tasks. Having majored in both fields, I have different academic skills than her. At college level, I only had medical field and engineering skills during my graduate studies. Both of us proposed when we were 30 years old. He refused to officially marry, but argued that it was too early to make such a decision.

But we always maintained our engagement because we went on dates often. On our first date with her, we arranged a series of fun activities and we both had a great time. The same night as our date, I decided to give her the engagement ring as I hurriedly prepared to marry her. Moving into a well-decorated mansion in Washington, D.C., his dream of being recognized as the best cancer doctor in the city is getting closer. It was time to marry my longtime boyfriend and we moved into a building together, so our future was the construction of the center. I was fully convinced that moving into the house was the same as the foundation and various functions were planned.

A Story About My Life

I set aside enough money to buy a 24-storey building in the city.

Story Of My Life

On my second date with her, I noticed that apart from her engagement ring, she was wearing something better than me. I didn’t hesitate to ask her, but her answer nearly killed me. She confirmed that she dated another guy from her engineering school and that they had a growing joint engineering workshop in the city that was known everywhere to decorate items used in the White House.

I became confused about this issue when I thought about the grief I experienced. From losing the love of my life to losing my business partner. To add to the pain, she is expecting a child with another man. I wondered why she kept it all hidden for as long as we were together. Those days were the worst days of my life as I was not interested in career and romance. Someday you will find someone who will love you unconditionally!!

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This is the story of how I realized that becoming a nurse was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life

The Story Of My Life So Far …

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A Story About My Life

Once you’ve completed all the tips, you’ll have memories to work with. You will get lots of stories and personal knowledge. The question is, what are you going to do about it?

Story Of My Life

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