A Good Story To Tell

A Good Story To Tell – Bedtime stories are a part of our lives and everyone loves them regardless of age. If you are in a long distance relationship, your girlfriend may want to hear your voice. Bedtime stories for your girlfriend are the perfect choice to create fun and memories. Many people like to listen to a fairy tale when they sleep and much more than their loved ones. Such stories will help you bridge the gap in your long distance relationship. They will also help you improve your bond. Nothing beats your soothing voice that can also put your girlfriend’s mind at ease after a restless day.

Check out our romantic, short and funny bedtime stories for your girlfriend and rekindle your love. We also discuss various tricks you can use to share these bedtime stories.

A Good Story To Tell

A Good Story To Tell

They say romance tends to fade with time and distance. However, there is always a little girl inside every woman waiting for her Prince Charming to woo her with fairy tales and rekindle lost love and romance. A few more short romantic stories for your girlfriend will strengthen your relationship and boost intimacy.

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Once upon a time, a blind girl was deeply in love with a man. The man cared for the girl incredibly, and she felt grateful in return that she was loved unconditionally, despite all her imperfections.

And so one fine day she expressed her desire to see her lover, the man who loved and cared for her so deeply. The man assured her that the day would come soon.

Unbeknownst to the girl, the boy gave the girl one eye and allowed her to see and experience the beautiful world and meet the love of her life. Although the man was not prince charming, he had a diamond in his heart.

She realized he was blind in one eye and still loved him unconditionally. However, she never knew he was the donor of her eye. And as they say, love needs neither sight nor language. It is unconditional if it is pure.

The Delight Of A Good Story Well Told

After all these years of marriage, love took a back seat for Sujoth. Candlelit dinners with Anusha turned into business meetings for him, while evening walks turned into big group parties. Long phone calls were a thing of the past and gifts were no longer a rite of passage. Even buying gifts for her on her anniversary seemed like a chore that wasn’t worth it.

While Sujoth was busy with work day and night, Anusha often tried to express her feelings to keep the love alive. He silenced her with a single sentence, “Everything I do, I do for us, my love.” So she remained silent.

Once, Sujoth had to go on a business trip to Holland and his parents came from their hometown to meet him, but he didn’t spare even five minutes to talk to them. However, this was nothing new for Anush, who packed his suitcase and smiled at the door.

A Good Story To Tell

When Sujoth checked into the hotel, he wanted to prepare for his presentation and was looking for an important file. He knew that Anusha never left out her important things. After a long search, he actually found the file. However, inside the envelope was a pink envelope. The file they exchanged before the wedding.

A Story To Tell; A Secret To Keep

Inside the envelope was a family photo of them, all happy and smiling. It took him back in time. He also had a greeting card that read: “I miss you my bear.” On the way home years later, he bought her a pair of diamond earrings, something just for her. The love between them was never lost, just hidden. That’s why those little gestures that show you love every now and then are needed.

Claire and Phil loved stargazing as a couples activity. They often spent evenings lying on a blanket on the porch, looking up at the starry night sky and pointing at the constellations. Some days they slept there too only to be woken up by the sweet rays of the morning sun. One magical night, as they looked up at the stars, Phil pointed to a particularly bright star and said, “That will be our star, Claire. It will be a symbol of our love that will always shine brightly, no matter where we are in the world.”

Moving her gaze from the stars to him, Claire said, “And when we’re apart, we can both sit and look at the same star at night. That way, we’ll know we’re connected in one way or another, regardless of the distance between us.”

From that moment on, this particular star became a symbol of their love. No matter where they went in life, they were always united by that star and the love they had for each other.

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One day, when Jim met Jenna, his girlfriend, he felt something was wrong. Jenna looked quieter than usual and her eyes showed that something was bothering her. After much reassurance that she could really trust him, Jenna told him she lost her job. Jim was a little relieved that it wasn’t as bad as he had imagined. However, he still comforted her.

Jim had some plans for today, but seeing that Jenna was visibly worried, he took a moment to wonder if this was the right time. In the end, he decided that Jenna needed his support and presence more than ever.

So he took out the ring he kept in his pocket, got down on one knee and held the ring box open in front of Jenna. For a moment, Jenna didn’t understand what was happening. She was going through a lot of emotions, but once she realized what was really happening, tears rolled down her cheeks.

A Good Story To Tell

Jim looked into her eyes and said, “Jenna, you’re the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. I know this is a trial for you, but I would like to stand behind you and give you solid support, if you allow me. Will you marry me, Jenna?’

What Makes A Good Story?

Jenna was crying by then and barely managed to say yes. Jim put the ring on her finger and they shared a big hug.

Penny was in the hospital taking care of her grandmother, whom she loved very much. She was sad that her grandmother had to stay there with someone to talk to. And so he decided to spend as much time as possible with her.

She loved the stories her grandmother told her. They had a great time together and she especially liked the stories of her and her grandfather. To Penny, they were perfect together.

That day, Grandma said that Penny would tell another story. Penny was very excited. But before Grandma started her story, she gave Penny a locket and asked her to keep it. She began her story.

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“There was a 23-year-old girl who was reading her book in a coffee shop. She was interrupted by a very handsome man with a sweet in his hand. He asked what he wanted and the man replied that he wanted to have a sweet. She was confused and the man explained, “This is my favorite coffee shop and I go here almost every day. I’ve never seen you before and you don’t have any of these on the table. So I guess you don’t have them. They make the best butter.’

The girl found it very strange, but not annoying. She asked him what made him come to her, and he replied, “Oh, the simple fact that I have seen a more beautiful woman in all my life.” She was laughing. He asked if he could take a picture with her and she agreed. They took pictures, started talking and didn’t stop for 74 years until she lost him.

Then Grandma asked Penny to open the locket. The picture was of her grandparents and a sweet shop. After all these years, seeing her grandmother so in love as they told their story, Penny realized that people grow old, but love stays young forever.

A Good Story To Tell

Love sometimes requires some sacrifices. However, avoid stories that depict the ideal, devoted partner who is constantly sacrificing. It can lead to unhealthy expectations.

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You don’t always need romance to appreciate your relationship. A partner is always a best friend first – a best friend with whom you can have fun and share crazy memories while still being madly in love. These short and funny bedtime stories will put a smile on your beautiful girlfriend’s face.

One day a girl had to pick up her boyfriend from a bar. He was very devastated and her anger at seeing him in such a state was justified. However, she had no choice but to let him go home.

He continued to mumble, chatter and sing random songs as they walked back to their apartment. Finally he dragged him to his apartment and put him to bed.

He would sleep more soundly and more comfortably in his shelter

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