Make Your Own Stick Figure

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(Note: This post is sponsored by Laffy Taffy as part of their Halloween 2019 Squad Ghouls campaign. Be sure to check out the #HafftoLaff hashtag to see more other DIY costume ideas and tag photos of your family’s costumes for a chance. Their page on Instagram!)

Make Your Own Stick Figure

Make Your Own Stick Figure

Let’s be honest, sometimes parents wait until the last minute to do something (not you, of course!). But hey, life is busy, so I totally understand. If you haven’t had a chance to buy a Halloween costume for yourself or your kids yet… this post is for you! Let me show you how inexpensively you can make a great Halloween costume with your own hands!

Create Your Own Superhero Character With Mark Guthrie, March 14, 2024

You should be able to find the following products (or a close equivalent) at your local Wal-Mart or Target store.

Place white tape along the sleeves, the top of the shirt, the center of the shirt, and down the pant legs.

Trace and cut out the face on the foam board. Then stick tape to the cutout to outline the face. (Note: We had a hard time getting the tape into the round part of the cutout and found that small pieces of tape worked best.)

That’s it. You are done. Go crazy with this homemade Halloween statue costume! Honestly, I was a little surprised at how easy this costume was to make and how it actually looked. You can absolutely rock it in your neighborhood and you can fit in.

Painting Parties Details & Options

Watch this video from Laffy Taffy for more tips on how to make a DIY stick figure costume

Are you going to try it? If so, share the photo in the comments and be sure to share it on Instagram with the hashtag #HafftoLaff for a chance to be featured in Laffy Taffy’s feed!

Hi, I’m Noah’s dad and my passion is giving the world a window into our lives as we raise our son who was born with Down syndrome. I also enjoy connecting with other families, so let’s keep in touch. Inspired by preparations for our recent visit to see the Stick Man live with the Autistic and Neurotypical family last week, Jane decided to create our own Stick Man family, using leftover Christmas items and checking our craft box.

Make Your Own Stick Figure

Well, when I say craft box, I really mean a box full of all kinds of paper, stickers, pens and whatnot. Everything is thrown in no particular order. I think it leads to a lot of creativity when you don’t know what you’re going to pull to create something.

Accoutrements Stickman Action Figure

This fun craft activity was great for us. It helps all children develop imagination, creativity and motor skills. This is especially helpful for our autistic son who has poor motor skills and struggles to use his imagination. And Jane loves to be creative!

We used this activity as a way to prepare for watching Stickman Live. We had a great time at the concert even though David tried to run on stage…twice(!). Movie theaters can be a challenge for our family. For more information, see my article in the Yorkshire Post. David watched the promotional video multiple times while we waited for the show to begin in the theater. Anthony, our oldest son, watched the social history produced for the show online – thanks!

The show was great, everyone did a great job, we arrived and left London and even more dramatically ate pizza.

Five cardboard tubes of various sizes (we used two kitchen paper tubes, two toilet paper tubes and a cut foil tube)

Watsky Stick Figure Ornament

1. Cut the tubes on the stick people. Flatten the tube slightly and cut a thin triangle from one end to give the stick legs. At the other end, cut a few sections and bend to style your hair as you wish. Then make the arms intersect a line where the legs end at the angle you imagine the arm to be. Then fold the flap forward.

If your child is cutting, you can try cutting where on the tube and/or easygrip scissors.

We draw arms on our little stick with a brown tip. Repeat this step with all tubes. This will give you a family of shapes that stick together.

Make Your Own Stick Figure

2. Add a face. We used white circles and drew black dots with a black pen for all the eyes. Marker pens were often used to create smiley faces. Jane gave a funny mouth instead of a stick man – maybe he’s a little lost?

Make Your Own Stickman

3. Add cloth and leaves. Take some glue and add any clothes. We added belts and mini skirts from leftover Christmas cracker paper. We cut some green feathers and use them to make leaves.

When creating a family, place things around the table. This encourages your child to cross the midline – extending their arms through the middle of their body to use them. All gluing and cutting develops bilateral motor skills (using both hands together) by holding the tube and gluing with the other hand.

We won tickets to Stick Man Live through This Woman’s World and got an extra ticket from the producer so we could go as a family – thank you. I hope you like our stickman family. We are huge fans of Julia Donaldson! We read Room in Broom all year and love animation! If you haven’t seen it yet – I can’t recommend it enough! Whenever this happens, my 4 year old is focused on the TV and cares about everything! It’s not just The Room on the Broom Julia story – Jog, The Snail and the Whale, What the Ladybug Heard and Stickman to name a few!

Again, we recently discovered this animation appearing on our Amazon Prime screen! We watched the animation before reading the book! This is one of our favorites and a well read book already!! My preschool suggested we create our own stickman family and I thought it was an awesome idea! We went to our wells and even though it was really rainy and miserable, it was really great!

How To Make Your Own Cheap, Easy Glow In The Dark Stick Figure Costume

We had to go and get our wellies dirty and then we were looking for a puddle to squish and squeal in! Was I wrong to hope my daughter would fall in the mud?! There is nothing better than a baby being ugly and loving it!! She did not stoop down to bless it, but she threw a pebble into the well, which did not really please her.

As you can see it is quite dirty!! It was the perfect opportunity to chant, “We’re going bear hunting.” We pretended to be scary beasts from the broom’s room coming out of the swamp holding twigs and branches!!

We picked up sticks along the way while the twins took naps under the rain covers. After a stressful week it really is a treat for the mind. I love spending time with my family and it helps you stay connected! We brought the branches home. I washed them and let them dry for a few days. We had quite a collection, which I soon discovered was a good thing because I needed different sticks in different sizes to create a stickman family.

Make Your Own Stick Figure

I started putting them together when my daughter was in school. I had to use superglue to glue them together so I didn’t really want her to because I knew she wanted to get stuck. Of course, super glue is definitely for adults only.

Chenille Stick People And Magnetic Cat And Mouse

I had a few misses, so I had to be very careful. I had a really good laugh because I was waiting for the light in the window and my neighbor came back and saw me sticking the sticks together! HA! I wonder what he was thinking and if he mentioned it over tea that night!

It took me about an hour to collect 5 people from the branches. I had to glue on arms, legs, noses and googly eyes! I added some leaves to Daddy’s branch using tissue paper, and after they dried, I placed them on the table next to the book so my daughter could find them when she got home.

She was happy and insisted that we take them to the beach with us as in this story.

So that’s exactly what we did! ! She wanted to take her father’s pole to the beach. She carried it across the sand and built sand castles next to it!

Stick Figure Couples

They actually did

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